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Obama and FBI Clinton Investigation

By Michael June 10, 2016 Off

What does President Barack Obama know about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she served as Secretary of State? This is the one million dollar question flowing out of his Thursday endorsement of Clinton.

As president, Obama should not be privy to an ongoing criminal investigation. At least, not until the findings of that investigation have been completed and released to the public. read more

Obama, Larry Wilmore and That Word

By Michael May 3, 2016 Off

Breaking news, our President Barack H. Obama, is the personal “Nigger” of a comedian less entertaining than what’s his name who outed Bill Cosby. Yet the President seems not to be offended by Wilmore’s use of this century old racial slur. Wilmore used that word in reference to the President at the conclusion of his speech before the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. read more

Clintons Tricks Blacks Again?

By Michael March 22, 2016 Off

The Clintons are a formidable tag team on the presidential election circuit. Between Hillary, the candidate, Chelsea, the daughter and Bill, the husband, the Clintons have moved throughout the country urging Democrats to  give the country back to the Clintons to run for  essentially another eight years. read more

Sitting On the Brink of 2016

By Michael December 31, 2015 Off

2016! We are sitting on the brink of 2016. Twelve more months and the first American president of African descent will be history. His term will have expired, the hatred can cease and the debate over his legacy can begin in earnest.

Once President Obama is out of office will there be a black backlash? Will liberal and progressive white people go back to being white people? Surely liberal and progressive whites  have not forgotten race matters prior to Obama? It is safe to say that the conservative and right wingers have a long memory of these kinds of things.Will the slight “kumbaya” effect engendered by  the Obama presidency linger pass Lincoln’s birthday? read more

Ben Carson Real Black President?

By Michael October 8, 2015 Off

“Ben Carson,” billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeted last night, “would be a real black president.”

In 2008, following the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the USA, I floated the idea that black presidents in the American political system will come from Americanized Africans like a drum beat and become a commonplace fixture in presidential politics. read more

Never Be Traitors in U. S. Senate

By Michael March 11, 2015 Off

There should never be traitors in the U. S. Senate. There should never be traitors in the U. S. Senate, sung to the tune of the SAE ditty.

This should be the anthem of all red blooded Americans. We should not tolerate any treasonous acts from members of Congress. It does not matter if the traitor is the Speaker of the United States House of Representative or 47 Republican Senators with the proverbial “hard on” for the President of the United States. read more