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Shame on Bill and Ray

By Michael April 8, 2016 Off

Shame, shame, shame on Bill and Ray is about all I can say about their pathetic attempts to blame Black people who bemoan inequality in the American Justice system.

Ironically, on the same day that former National Football League player, Ray Lewis, posted a diatribe on his Facebook page chastising Black Lives Matter for protesting the alarming death rate of Black people at the hands of police officers, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Philadelphia confronted former President Bill Clinton over his 1994 Crime Bill, while he was on the presidential campaign trail for his wife Hillary Clinton. read more

Clintons Tricks Blacks Again?

By Michael March 22, 2016 Off

The Clintons are a formidable tag team on the presidential election circuit. Between Hillary, the candidate, Chelsea, the daughter and Bill, the husband, the Clintons have moved throughout the country urging Democrats to  give the country back to the Clintons to run for  essentially another eight years. read more

Sanders Takes Wolverine State

By Michael March 9, 2016 Off

The Wolverine State proved to be a surprise for the campaign of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. He entered the Michigan Presidential Preference Primary as the decided underdog in the state.

All of the major polls going into the weekend had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading Sanders by twenty percentage points or better. Many political pundits had placed the Wolverine state in the Clinton column. Seemingly it was time to write Sanders’ obit. read more

Hillary Feeling the Bern

By Michael January 16, 2016 Off

Hillary Clinton is feeling the” Bern.” It is getting hot in the Democratic Primary fight for President. Hillary has turned to her daughter Chelsea and husband Bill to launch attacks on the political candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

This week a New York Times/CBS poll has Hillary Clinton leading Sanders by only seven points. (48-41 percent). Just one month ago, Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders by 20 percentage points. Interestingly, this poll has Sanders leading Clinton 2-to-1 in the 45 year old and under age category. read more

Why Not Joe?

By Michael March 13, 2015 Off

Joe Biden has stood behind President Obama the last six years in every crisis from reviving the economy, to immigration reform, gay marriage, negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the war in Iraq and health care reform. Photo Credits: upi.com

A conversation from a far region in the back of my mind: read more