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Trump’s African American

By Michael June 3, 2016 Off

“Trump’s African American” has a certain bothersome ring to it. I can not believe I heard him say he has an African American. Let us not make any mistake about it, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has an African American.

Trump is apparently thrilled with his relationship with his African American. He boldly made a crowd aware of his friend, oh, I mean his African American, in Redding, California during a campaign stop on Friday. read more

Van Jones Calls Out GOP On Civility

By Michael March 4, 2016 Off

Van Jones, a commentator on CNN has had enough of the uncivil discourse in the Republican Presidential Debates. For the past two weeks during his commentary on CNN he has sought to steer media attention towards requiring more civility from the GOP Presidential candidates.

Seemingly, none of the producers at his network are listening. Why should they listen? Ratings are too good with all of the nasty name calling being hurled by the candidates at each other. read more

Why I’m Watching GOP Debate

By Michael January 28, 2016 Off

Tonight, I will watch the GOP Presidential Debate and here is why.

First, Donald J. Trump has voluntarily removed himself from this debate. He did so because of an ongoing dispute with the reporting style of Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly. I don’t have a dog, so to speak, in this fight, but it seems to me, that Kelly is unfairly being targeted by Trump. read more

Black Pastors deny Trump

By Michael November 29, 2015 Off

Republican front runner, Donald Trump has apparently been snubbed by several prominent black pastors. He has been courting their support for several months. In October, we reported that Trump had a meeting with several black Evangelical pastors in Trump Towers back in September. This story was first reported in the  Conservative Tribune. read more

Ben Carson Real Black President?

By Michael October 8, 2015 Off

“Ben Carson,” billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeted last night, “would be a real black president.”

In 2008, following the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the USA, I floated the idea that black presidents in the American political system will come from Americanized Africans like a drum beat and become a commonplace fixture in presidential politics. read more

Did Trump Get Snookered?

By Michael September 11, 2015 Off

Did Donald Trump get Snookered? Did the Grand Old Party snooker the king deal maker? Was Trump snookered into signing a pledge that he would not seek an independent run for president if he did not receive the Republican Party nomination?

Now that we are past Labor Day and are rushing headlong into the 2016 presidential election cycle, it is time to analyse the GOP preseason. Their preseason, as a result of Trump crashing their party, comes down to the above questions. After all, much of the attention in the Republican battle to take back the country from the Democrats has centered on the enormous air that Trump sucked out of the Republican tent. read more

Donald Trump:Obnoxious Nuisance?

By Michael August 8, 2015 Off

To say that Donald Trump is an obnoxious nuisance is a trite and perhaps a politically incorrect thing to say. Nevertheless, it is probably true. Donald Trump, in the words of my eighth grade civic teacher Rev. Wilson, is” an obnoxious nuisance.”

Although, Rev. Wilson was referring to an avid young reader who asked probing questions that went beyond the best organized lesson plan, (as they say, it takes one to know one) the term obnoxious nuisance aptly applies to Trump’s bullying persona in a crowded Republican field; a field of contenders jockeying for elbow room in the Republican presidential preseason. read more

Never Be Traitors in U. S. Senate

By Michael March 11, 2015 Off

There should never be traitors in the U. S. Senate. There should never be traitors in the U. S. Senate, sung to the tune of the SAE ditty.

This should be the anthem of all red blooded Americans. We should not tolerate any treasonous acts from members of Congress. It does not matter if the traitor is the Speaker of the United States House of Representative or 47 Republican Senators with the proverbial “hard on” for the President of the United States. read more