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Why Take Pension Away From Career Civil Servant Andrew McCabe?

By Michael March 17, 2018 0

I just don’t get it. What lurks within the heart of a government official who would take away the pension of a civil servant who gave more than 20 years of his life to the government?

It makes no sense to me. Simply cold and heartless is about all I can make of Attorney General Jeff Sessions move to fire Andrew McCabe two days before his full pension vests. read more

Hillary Clinton Not Out Of The Woods Yet

By Michael July 5, 2016 0

Hillary Clinton is not out of the woods yet. Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concluded its investigation into her use of a private email server without recommending criminal charges, the issue is not settled.

There remains a review of the FBI’s investigative file by attorneys in the Justice Department. As I reported in a blog post yesterday, former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, Sally Q. Yates, finds herself “in the middle of Emailgate.” Yates, essentially is a career, apolitical, nuts and bolts federal prosecutor. read more

Obama and FBI Clinton Investigation

By Michael June 10, 2016 2

What does President Barack Obama know about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she served as Secretary of State? This is the one million dollar question flowing out of his Thursday endorsement of Clinton.

As president, Obama should not be privy to an ongoing criminal investigation. At least, not until the findings of that investigation have been completed and released to the public. read more

Farrakhan Seeks Malcolm X File

By Michael October 12, 2015 0

During last weekend’s 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan called upon the FBI to open their file on Malcolm X. He seeks the full release of the FBI’s Malcolm X file.

Farrakhan’s demand sought to put to rest public rumors that he participated in planning the assassination of Malcolm X following Malcolm’s break with the Nation of Islam back in 1965. Malcolm was killed on February 21, 1965, in a hail of gunfire, as he prepared to outline his plans for the Organization of Afro-American Unity, a secular organization that would address human rights violations committed by the American government upon it’s black citizens. read more

Reggie Eaves, “Mr. Commish”

By Michael June 11, 2015 0

A. Reginald Eaves, “Mr. Commish” to his inner circle, was the very first Public Safety Commissioner in the country. Prior to the 1975 election of Maynard Holbrook Jackson as the mayor of Atlanta there was no such thing as a Public Safety Commissioner.

Before Atlanta changed from the old rural Marshal/Deputy Marshal system in 1873, the chief law enforcement officer in the city had been the Chief of Police. After his election, Jackson needed to wrestle control of the Police Department away from John F. Inman, the Chief of Police since March 2o, 1972. read more