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New Book in the Works

By Michael April 21, 2019 Off

Six thousand words in the books today. My best work to date in terms of style, pacing, and content. “Freaknik Lawyer,” coming soon.

ATL METRO RBI Board Taps Harvey

By Michael January 10, 2018 Off

The ATL METRO RBI Board of Directors tapped long-time youth league baseball coach Harold Michael Harvey to serve as a Director on its board. Harvey will begin a two year term on January 24, 2018.

According to John Hollins, Jr. CEO of the group, “The sole purpose of ATL METRO RBI is to bring an awareness of career opportunities in baseball to boys and girls in the Metro Atlanta community who are otherwise underserved when it comes to career opportunities in baseball on the collegiate and professional level.” read more

Saturday Morning With Harold Michael Harvey

By Michael December 26, 2017 Off

Why Saturday Morning and why with Harold Michael Harvey? Let me tell you why!

Saturday morning is that day of the week when the hectic pace of life slows down. It is a day to sleep in, arise late and reflect; on the week that was, the fun to be had over the weekend and the week coming up. It’s that time of the week to savor your cup of coffee, without having to rush off to work, to enjoy the aroma and the taste of the coffee beans on your tongue. read more

Hitting Our Stride At Cascade Publishing House

By Michael June 8, 2017 Off

It is hard to imagine it. The calendar says that Cascade Publishing House has been six years in the world of publishing. We are finally hitting our stride. The idea for Cascade Publishing House came about after I had a bad experience in the traditional world of book publishers.

In late 2009, I signed a publishing contract with a Baltimore Publishing House. It had the indicia of a real publishing house. After receiving a small advance, my manuscript, Paper Puzzle was on its way to becoming a published work of fiction. read more

Harvey Going Beyond The Law

By Michael August 27, 2016 Off

Finally, I’m going beyond the law. I’ve being trying to redefine myself since that morning in 2003 when I closed my law practice. The moment I locked an empty law office door behind me, I instantly felt different. I  felt the weight of other people’s problems literally fall from my shoulders. They crashed and sank into the carpet outside of Suite 710 at 230 Peachtree Street. It was liberating. read more

Harold Michael Harvey

By Michael April 12, 2016 Off

Harold Michael Harvey is a writer and public speaker. He grew up in Macon, Georgia. In 1965, Harvey integrated one of the local Junior High Schools. Following high school he enrolled into Fort Valley State College where he majored in Political Science. He participated on the Debate Team and was an outfielder on the baseball team. Academically, Harvey was a member of the Dean’s List. read more

Harvey Amazon Bestselling Author

By Michael February 7, 2016 Off

Amazon has a new bestselling author. Just added to the list of Amazon bestselling authors is Harold Michael Harvey.

Cascade Publishing House (CPH) is pleased to announce that Justice in the Round: Essays on the American Jury System is the number one bestseller on Amazon in the category of books on discrimination and racism. Additionally, it is the number one bestseller in the categories of law, procedure, litigation and juries. read more

Harvey On Presidential Politics

By Michael December 15, 2015 Off

Harold Michael Harvey, novelist and essayist has agreed to provide political commentary on the 2016 presidential election for the Tracy Larkin Broadcast Network (http://www.tlbnetwork.com/). The internet radio station is based in Montgomery, Alabama. It is the brainchild of Montgomery native, Tracy Larkin. The station is noted for the soulful music it plays and for intellectual conversations  on current issues. read more

Macon Native to Sign Book

By Michael June 15, 2015 Off

Macon Native Harold Michael Harvey to Sign His New Book Justice in the Round At Bethel C. M. E. Church On Father’s Day, June 21, 2015

Bethel C. M. E. Church, Macon, Georgia will host a book signing, following both worship services on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015, for native son Harold Michael Harvey. read more

Book Signings Set for Museum

By Michael April 27, 2015 Off

Cascade Publishing House is please to announce book signings have been set at the Sights and Sounds Black Cultural Epo and Museum for essayist and novelist, Harold Michael Harvey.

Harvey will sign his new book, JUSTICE IN THE ROUND, during the month of May at the Sights and Sounds Black Cultural Expo Museum. The museum is located in the North Dekalb Mall, 2050 Lawrenceville Highway, Decatur, Georgia 30033. read more