Alabama State University Poised to Win SWAC Baseball Championship

By Michael May 23, 2023 0

For the Second Year in a row

The Alabama State University Hornets are poised to repeat as SWAC baseball champions and received an automatic bid to the NCAA Regional Playoffs. The East Alabama school rolls into the 2023 Southwest Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament as the number one seed from the Eastern Division, riding an impressive 39-16 overall record and a conference record of 24-7 into Russ Chandler Stadium, home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. read more

Extra, Extra, Extra, Donald J. Trump Criminally Charged

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On Multiple Counts In New York Indictment

Extra, Extra, Extra, read all about it! Donald John Trump, the twice impeached former President of the United States of America, is charged in a multiple-count New York indictment. Charges against Trump are the first for a former American President.

In 1975, a sitting American President, Richard Milhous Nixon, came close to an indictment for his involvement in the burglary of the Democratic National Committee’s office in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, District of Columbia. Instead, Nixon beat the justice department to the jump when he resigned from office in disgrace. read more

We, the People, Are Responsible for Ending Gun Violence

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In Schools, Churches, Grocery Stores, and Neighborhood Drive-by Shootings

I’ve not written a great deal lately. The muse, which has spoken to me occasionally, hasn’t whispered in my ears or shaken my dungeon and set the spirit free to express what has been bottled up inside me for months, albeit years. read more

Kyrie, Shut Up, Apologize, and You May Get to Dribble Again

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But Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for that to Happen

I have tried to keep out of the media hysteria surrounding Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kyrie Irving. God knows I do not want to be canceled out like Ye and Kyrie, but it is inevitable that sooner or later, I must lift my voice above the latest high-tech lynching of a Black man who dared to think for himself. read more

Henry Aaron Bust Finds a Home at Adams Park

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Just Three Miles From His Southwest Atlanta Home

In 2017, the Atlanta Braves packed up and moved the team twenty miles north of Turner Field, less than a mile outside the city limits, but clear into the next county. Turner Field had been home to the Braves since the 1996 Olympics gifted the team a new stadium. read more

David Jackson’s Legacy of Love

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Built One Dollar at a Time

One day during the summer of 2017, I drove to the Georgia State University Baseball Complex. A friend had told me about Mentoring Viable Prospects (MVP), an enormously popular baseball tournament serving primarily Black high school baseball players that had been in existence since the turn of the century. Teams traveled from Virginia, Florida, Texas, Chicago, California, and Detroit to showcase their skills to primarily black college baseball recruiters. read more

Harvey Named Media Relations Director for NC Sports

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Gulf Coast College Baseball Combine

NCsports CEO Tanyeka Steele-Cooler, announces award-winning journalist Harold Michael Harvey is named the group’s Media Relations Director.

The Gulf Coast-based sports marketing company will host the first baseball combine for college players, bringing scouts from the Major Leagues, the Minor Leagues, and the Independent Leagues to the Gulf Coast. This event will give college seniors an opportunity to showcase their skills while gaining instructions on jumping to the next level. read more

Morehouse Wins First Game of Weekend Series Against Tuskegee 

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Braves World Series Trophy Tour to Highlight Sunday’s Double Hitter

The Maroon Tigers of Morehouse College won their first game since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down baseball at the premiere all-male HBCU on Saturday, defeating Tuskegee University 8–4.

Saturday’s game was the prelude for a weekend series that will feature a display of the Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Trophy before the start of the double hitter on Sunday. Morehouse Coach Antonio Grissom expects the Braves trophy tour to bring over 2000 fans out to see the World Series trophy and the Morehouse-Tuskegee clash on the diamond. read more

Impeached President Fermenting Insurrection Throughout the Country

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Calls Black Prosecutors in New York and Atlanta Racist

The twice impeached President is at it again. Last year on January 6, 2021, angry he lost after one term, he incited a mob to storm the United States Congress and placed the lives of Vice President Mike Pence and incoming Vice President Kamala Harris in danger.

This year the angry White man is at it again. During a political rally in Texas on January 29, 2022, the dishonored President incited his followers to stage “the biggest protest we have ever had if they do anything wrong or illegal.” This diatribe is an apparent reference to his and his businesses’ civil and criminal investigations in New York and the criminal investigation underway in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. read more

Jackie Robinson Marker Finds a New Home

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Marker in Robinson’s Georgia Hometown Damaged by Vandals

Like fellow Georgian, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson was a peacemaker. Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, on January 31, 1919, nearly 13 months before Andrew Foster organized the United States Baseball League, a league for Negro players, designed to compete with the White major league for the heart of baseball fans in America. The organizational meeting took place at the Paseo YMCA in Kansas City, Missouri. read more