Harvey Going Beyond The Law

Finally, I’m going beyond the law. I’ve being trying to redefine myself since that morning in 2003 when I closed my law practice. The moment I locked an empty law office door behind me, I instantly felt different. I  felt the weight of other people’s problems literally fall from my shoulders. They crashed and sank into the carpet outside of Suite 710 at 230 Peachtree Street. It was liberating. read more

Who Is Blacker, Trump Or Clinton?

I’ve  seen a lot of politics in my time. But this week has to take the cake. I’ve never seen two  candidates for the office of president play the “I am blacker than you card.” A summary of the past week comes down to Donald Trump trying to prove to white people that he is blacker than Hillary Clinton. While Clinton puts on a good display of her own to prove that she is indeed blacker than Trump. read more