Month: July 2016

Are Layoffs Imminent At Tuskegee?

By Michael July 30, 2016 Off

Are layoffs imminent at Tuskegee? That is the water cooler buzz on the East Alabama campus of Tuskegee University. Strong rumors are circulating that pink slips are just around the counter for employees at the university founded by Lewis Adams and $2,000 from the State of Alabama 135 years ago.

According to sources on campus, university employees fearing layoffs are submitting applications in droves at businesses and government agencies in Alabama. According to our sources, the university has almost run out of money and the impending layoffs are a last ditch effort to keep the university afloat. read more

Ray Brent Marsh Preaches At Home Church

By Michael July 29, 2016 Off

NOBLE, GEORGIA, CASCADE PRESS (CP) (c) 2016 Ray Brent Marsh, former operator of the Tri-State Crematory in Walker County, Georgia, returned home from state prison on a mission to fulfill his destiny. Marsh served twelve years in the Georgia penitentiary after the Environmental Protection Agency received several anonymous tips in the early 2000s that human remains were buried on the crematory property. read more

Berners File Class Action Against DNC

By Michael July 24, 2016 Off

Berners, progressive Independent,  who supported Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) in his quest for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president, have filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The suit comes after Berners learned through documents obtained by WikiLeaks that the DNC did not maintain a neutral posture during its primary process. Instead the WikiLeaks material tends to indicate that the DNC pushed the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. read more

No Convention Bounce For Trump

By Michael July 23, 2016 Off

Donald J. Trump did not receive a convention bounce; nada, zilch, nothing!

Usually, a presidential candidate can expect to receive a bounce in the polls coming out of their national nominating convention. But there was nary a blip for Trump following the conclusion of his first Republican Convention.

Any bounce Trump may have received would have been short lived as the Democratic National Committee’s nominating convention will gear up in a few days. Trump should be happy without any bounce. After all his convention got off to a rocky start when his wife Melania misstepped on opening night. She delivered several lines, nearly verbatim, from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech at the Democratic National Committee convention. read more

Trump Pitches White Underclass

By Michael July 22, 2016 Off

Donald Trump made a pitch to the white underclass to come out in large numbers in November to elect him President of the United States of America. During his acceptance speech at the National Republican Convention, Trump spoke directly to the white underclass in American society. He told them that he was their “voice.” read more

Trump:Repeal Separation of Church and State

By Michael July 22, 2016 Off

Donald Trump said during his acceptance speech that he favors repeal of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which sets forth the principle of separation of church and state. Trump told convention goers that he believes the First Amendment restricts the ability of religious leaders to engage in political activity. read more

What Cruz Non Endorsement Mean?

By Michael July 21, 2016 Off

Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump during his speech before the National Republican Convention. He took the steam out of what was to have been a big night for Mike Pence, Trump’s selection for Vice President.

Did anyone expect him to endorse his primary opponent?

Perhaps not many given the nasty words hurled back and forth between the two men during a year long primary contest. However, GOP convention goers were probably hoping that Cruz would bury the hatchet and kiss the hand of the latest GOP Godfather. read more

After Day of Ridicule Donald Nominated

By Michael July 20, 2016 Off

After a day of social media ridicule real estate Mogul Donald J. Trump has done the improbable. Donald Trump is the 2016 Republican nominee for President. Social media was abuzz over what appears to be the best job of plagiarism, by Melania Trump, this side of a high school term paper.

Nothing and I mean nothing has been able to unlodge him from atop the GOP tent. No insult, no distortion of the truth, no flat out lie, not even theft of intellectual property by his wife, Melania Trump, has tarnished his appeal to primarily white Americans who are fed up with the Obama narrative of “One America.” read more

Boyce Watkins Defends Mentee Gavin long

By Michael July 19, 2016 Off

Boyce Watkins, PhD. in finance and Director of the Black Wealth Boot Camp, took to YouTube to defend his mentorship of Gavin Long. On Sunday, July 17, 2016, Long is alleged to have ambushed several Baton Rouge Police Officers, killing three and seriously injuring another one.

Initial news reports indicated that  Gavin Long was a follower of several Black Nationalists groups. The logical conclusion of this report was that  Gavin Long was radicalized by Black Nationalists, which led to the assassination of Baton Rouge Police Officers. read more

Melania Snafu Case For Dumping Trump

By Michael July 19, 2016 Off

Melania Trump’s snafu on opening night of the Republican National Convention 2016 is a big deal.

For starters, Donald Trump broke protocol by opening the convention with such a grand presence. Usually, the convention builds up to the introduction of the presumed presidential nominee later in the week. read more