Month: September 2016

Is Clinton Or Stein Eligible To Be President?

By Michael September 19, 2016 Off

Here we go again? Now that the birther issue has finally been put to bed by Donald Trump, a new constitutional question arises concerning eligibility to serve as President of the United States. This election cycle the issue of eligibility does not center on citizenship, but on sex.

Albeit, this specter is raised only by this writer, but it is not too far-fetched to imagine that Donald Trump, should he lose the 2016 General Election, would raise this question. After all he spent six years and good money investigating where the first American president of African descent was born in an attempt, not to delegitimize the Barack Obama presidency, but to have cause to remove him from office. read more

What If Hillary Really Is Sick?

By Michael September 16, 2016 Off

What if Hillary Rodham Clinton really is  sick? What then? Is there a plan B?

Normally, a person diagnosed with pneumonia is still feeling the weaken effects of the disease six days after the diagnosis. Yet six days after she was diagnosed and four days after she stumbled during the 9-1-1 Observance on Sunday in New York City, Clinton was back on the campaign trail. She had a full day of activities Thursday, September 15, 2016. read more

Eminent Associates Withhold Funds To Tuskegee

By Michael September 15, 2016 Off

Eminent Associates, an elite group of financial contributors to Tuskegee University has withheld funds raised for the university. The group annually makes a sizable donation to the university during the Fall Convocation. However, when the group met last weekend (September 9-11, 2016) on the historic campus of Tuskegee University, they declined to write a check. read more

Tuskegee’s Woes On Display At Football Game

By Michael September 4, 2016 Off

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, Cascade Press,Tuskegee’s administrative woes were on display at a Saturday night football game against Clark-Atlanta University. A Tuskegee graduate, Carl Trimble, clad in psychedelic pants and a white polo shirt hoisted a banner outside the main gate of  Panther Stadium on the historic CAU campus, as fans of both schools streamed by on their way to witness Tuskegee defeat Clark-Atlanta University 36-13. read more

Trouble At Tuskegee University Getting Worse

By Michael September 2, 2016 Off

I feel so sad for what is happening at Tuskegee University and to the Pride that once defined the swift growing south. If I say anymore, my fellow alumni will accuse me of hating on the school that educated me. But I need to say more, do more, scream more; or go onto the campus and turn over a few tables like Christ did in the temple. read more