Jill Stein Modest Income Tax Return

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate has done what Republican Party nominee Donald Trump has not done. She just released her rather modest income tax return for 2015. At least it is modest by the standard of the millionaires and billionaires seeking the office this year.

For instance, Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party nominee released her 2015 returns which she filed jointly with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. It reveals that the Clintons earned $10.6 million last year. For the year 2015, Stein filed a joint return with her husband, Richard J. Rohrer. The couple married in 1981 and have two children. read more

Jill Stein Says Break Up Too Big To Fail Banks

Where does Jill Stein stand on banks being too big to fail?

The Green Party candidate for President of the United States recently released a 14 point bank reform package. In it Stein supports breaking up banks that are too” big to fail.” Stein’s bank reform package is proactive. Her plan would not wait for a bank failure, but calls for the automatic break up of the larger banks. read more