Cruz Should Pull a Cassius Clay

Tonight, if I were Ted Cruz, I would pull a Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) on Donald Trump. Since Trump has decided that he will skip tonight’s debate over what he perceives to be a slight by Fox News executives, I would take the fight to him.

Many, at least, in my generation, will recall that in the summer of 1963, Sonny Liston was the Heavyweight Champion of the World. The young brash Cassius Clay had defeated all of his opponents, but he could not get a championship fight with Liston. read more

Why I’m Watching GOP Debate

Tonight, I will watch the GOP Presidential Debate and here is why.

First, Donald J. Trump has voluntarily removed himself from this debate. He did so because of an ongoing dispute with the reporting style of Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly. I don’t have a dog, so to speak, in this fight, but it seems to me, that Kelly is unfairly being targeted by Trump. read more