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Why I’m Watching GOP Debate

By Michael January 28, 2016 Off

Tonight, I will watch the GOP Presidential Debate and here is why.

First, Donald J. Trump has voluntarily removed himself from this debate. He did so because of an ongoing dispute with the reporting style of Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly. I don’t have a dog, so to speak, in this fight, but it seems to me, that Kelly is unfairly being targeted by Trump. read more

Trump’s Temper Tantrum

By Michael January 27, 2016 Off

Donald Trump’s latest temper tantrum has the world, again, on a string. Seemingly, the public is either mesmerized, antagonised or paralyzed by the inhale and exhale of his every breathe.  Like the masterful puppeteer that he is, Trump’s latest meltdown is dominating the airwaves.

Trump’s current conniption boils down to his disdain for Fox News Anchor, Megyn Kelly. Kelly, if anyone cares to recall, during the first Republican Debate, went after Trump’s unflattering language towards women. Specifically, Trump’s diatribe which he hurled at Rosie O’Donnell several years ago. read more

Democrats Take Center Stage

By Michael October 11, 2015 Off

Finally, Democrats are poised to take center stage in their quest to hold onto the oval office for another four year term. By law, President Obama is prohibited from seeking a third term. On Tuesday, the Democrats will host their first of four debates in the 2016 presidential campaign season. It will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. CNN will provide a two hour coverage of this debate. It will be moderated by Anderson Cooper, who will be assisted by Dana Bash, Juan Carlos Lopez and Don Lemon. read more