Month: December 2015

Sitting On the Brink of 2016

By Michael December 31, 2015 Off

2016! We are sitting on the brink of 2016. Twelve more months and the first American president of African descent will be history. His term will have expired, the hatred can cease and the debate over his legacy can begin in earnest.

Once President Obama is out of office will there be a black backlash? Will liberal and progressive white people go back to being white people? Surely liberal and progressive whites  have not forgotten race matters prior to Obama? It is safe to say that the conservative and right wingers have a long memory of these kinds of things.Will the slight “kumbaya” effect engendered by  the Obama presidency linger pass Lincoln’s birthday? read more

Kwanzaa and The Art of Intimacy

By Michael December 26, 2015 Off

Kwanzaa and the art of intimacy, what is it? How is it expressed? Can intimacy be communicated through conversation? Can it be shared through the nuances of the silent beat in between the rhythmic beat of life? What does Kwanzaa have to do with intimacy?

A recent social media post to my Facebook page stirred my interest in this topic. I posted a picture of our table setting prior to Christmas dinner this year. My wife and I are the proud parents of one child, a son, whose work requires that he live in Cincinnati, Ohio. read more

Its Official Black Lives Matter Atlanta!

By Michael December 18, 2015 Off

It is official, Black Lives Matter have organized a chapter in Atlanta. The organizational meeting comes one year after activist shut down Interstate 20 in downtown Atlanta in the name of Black Lives Matter. This protest followed the killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer.

The meeting was convened by Mary Hooks, co-Director of Southerners on New Ground (SONG), an organization that advocate for the  LGBTQ  community in the South. It was held at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church on old “Sweet Auburn Avenue.” read more

Harvey On Presidential Politics

By Michael December 15, 2015 Off

Harold Michael Harvey, novelist and essayist has agreed to provide political commentary on the 2016 presidential election for the Tracy Larkin Broadcast Network ( The internet radio station is based in Montgomery, Alabama. It is the brainchild of Montgomery native, Tracy Larkin. The station is noted for the soulful music it plays and for intellectual conversations  on current issues. read more

Rules for Active Shooter Crisis

By Michael December 14, 2015 Off

Active Shooter, sadly this term is now part of the lexicon of our century.

Would you know what to do in an active shooter crisis?

What if you were shopping at a mall, an active shooter situation occurs, would you know what to do?

Imagine going into a medical facility for an examination; suddenly an active shooter opens fire to settle a vendetta against that type of medical practice, what thoughts would race through your mind? read more