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Stick A Fork In Trump-He’s Done!

By Michael February 4, 2016 Off

You can stick a fork in Donald J. Trump, he’s done. Yes that right, he’s done. He’s done, not medium rare done, but left in the oven too long done, in short, he’s done, as much as any of the candidates who dropped out of the Republican primary this week.

If you like the taste of roasted fowl, slice a piece from his prodigious veneer, because he’s done. Like an over roasted fowl, he’s done, And just as adding loads of gravy to that dried out carcass will not enhance the flavor of the bird, not even many visits to American factories  or farms (where the real people are) will help Trump. read more

Cruz Should Pull a Cassius Clay

By Michael January 28, 2016 Off

Tonight, if I were Ted Cruz, I would pull a Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) on Donald Trump. Since Trump has decided that he will skip tonight’s debate over what he perceives to be a slight by Fox News executives, I would take the fight to him.

Many, at least, in my generation, will recall that in the summer of 1963, Sonny Liston was the Heavyweight Champion of the World. The young brash Cassius Clay had defeated all of his opponents, but he could not get a championship fight with Liston. read more