Month: September 2015

If Francis Can Why Not Farrakhan?

By Michael September 30, 2015 Off

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, (CASCADE PRESS) According to confidential sources, Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam is seeking a Pope Francis type audience with the United States Congress. Sources tell Cascade Press, that Farrakhan has asked members of the Congressional Black Caucus to arrange an address before a joint session of Congress similar to the addresses given by Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3 and Pope Francis last week. read more

The Homily on Capital Hill

By Michael September 24, 2015 Off

A little over two Thousand years ago, the Messiah delivered a sermon (homily) on a mountain near the Sea of Galilee and Capernaum, a fishing town on the northern shore of Galilee, where scripture records, that the Messiah could not perform a single miracle, because of the unbelief of the people.

This sermon or homily of Christ has become known as the Beatitudes after the name of the mountain that he most likely spoke atop. In this homily, Jesus, known to the people of Capernaum, as the son of Joseph, spoke to the multitudes. His enunciation that day was a simple and clear prescription on how to apply the old Mosaic law to contemporary Jewish life. read more

Justice Talk Sparked Memories

By Michael September 16, 2015 Off

Last night’s Justice and Race Town Hall talk  sparked several memories. The talk on justice and race was an unqualified success with respect to content. In terms of turn out, it did not bring together anywhere near the 5,000 people that Aurille Lucier, a 20 year old spoken word artist, convinced to show up as a result of one tweet asking for ten people to come out and occupy Interstate 20 in downtown Atlanta last fall. read more

Restaurant Town Hall Starts Tonight

By Michael September 15, 2015 Off
MEDIA CONTACT: Carrie L. Williams 404.397.7667 MEDIA ADVISORY RESTAURANT TOWN HALL SERIES BEGINS TONIGHT  ON “SWEET AUBURN”  Series Explores Justice and Race In America  

WHO:  Harold Michael Harvey, author/journalist  read more

Lt. Spann Was A Change Agent

By Michael September 13, 2015 Off

CARROLLTON, TEXAS, CASCADE PRESS (CP) Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann was a change agent. Spann did not set out to become a change agent. As a teenager growing up in Rutherford, New Jersey in the 1930s, he just wanted to fly airplanes. Little did he know his dream of becoming a pilot would change the course of a war. The winds of which were beginning to stir in Europe, or that his dream would lead to wider acceptance of black Americans by their government. read more

Did Trump Get Snookered?

By Michael September 11, 2015 Off

Did Donald Trump get Snookered? Did the Grand Old Party snooker the king deal maker? Was Trump snookered into signing a pledge that he would not seek an independent run for president if he did not receive the Republican Party nomination?

Now that we are past Labor Day and are rushing headlong into the 2016 presidential election cycle, it is time to analyse the GOP preseason. Their preseason, as a result of Trump crashing their party, comes down to the above questions. After all, much of the attention in the Republican battle to take back the country from the Democrats has centered on the enormous air that Trump sucked out of the Republican tent. read more

Lt. Spann Smart Tuskegee Airmen

By Michael September 8, 2015 Off

Second Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann was a smart Tuskegee Airman. During the second World War, he  was arguably, the United States’ smartest Airman, Tuskegee or otherwise. He did not set out to become a Tuskegee Airman. Spann simply wanted to fly fighter jets. At the age of 17 he was attending high school in New Jersey. He learned that the Army had a written examination for pilots. read more