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Griffin Withdraws Without a Fight-Skegee Alumni Angry

By Michael March 18, 2018 Off

Floyd Griffin withdrew his attempt to replace John page as chairman of the Tuskegee Board of Trustees. His withdrawal left Skegee Alumni angry.

Griffin had promised to bring transparency to the board and to open up board meetings to members of the Skegee Alumni.

Skegee alumni rallied around Griffin in his desire to become chairman of the board of Trustees. They argued that Skegee was the only elite HBCU that did not have an alumnus as head of its board. read more

Alumni Trustees Key To Tuskegee Chairman Election

By Michael March 3, 2018 Off

This week Floyd Griffin, a 1966 Tuskegee Institute graduate tossed his hat into the ring to become only the second Tuskegee alumni in the 137 year history of the “Pride of the Swift Growing South,” to serve as chair of its Board of Trustees.

Current board chair John Page is maneuvering to keep the board out of the hands of an experienced Tuskegee alumni when the second of his two-year terms expire later this month. read more

An Explosion of Violence near Tuskegee U

By Michael August 20, 2016 Off

Why is there so much recent violence near the campus of Tuskegee University?

Forty-six years ago today, I set foot on this historic campus in pursuit of a degree in political science. I can’t recall anyone dying from gunshot wounds during my three years on campus. I can’t recall a single student fight. There may have been some down on the football field during pre-season drills, but no altercations between students or between a non-student and a student. read more

Two Students Shot at Tuskegee

By Michael April 16, 2016 Off

CASCADE PRESS (CP)Tuskegee Institute, Alabama:Two students were shot today at Tuskegee University, according to the Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing.

According to the university, two”students have sustained injuries and are being treated at area medical facilities.” Without identifying the campus location of the shooting, the university states the shooting took “place in a residence hall parking lot on the TU (Tuskegee University) campus.” read more

Tuskegee Turning Corner on Woes

By Michael March 28, 2016 Off

Tuskegee University, in the words of the poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar, “is the Pride of the Swift Growing South.” This representation has been tarnished of late with several missteps following the 2010 retirement of Andrew Felton Brimmer, its long time Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Brimmer, an economist and the first African American to serve as a governor on the Federal Reserve Board, ended forty years of service on the Tuskegee Board at the same time that the university’s fifth president, Benjamin Payton was retiring. read more

Straight Outta Grey Columns

By Michael November 13, 2015 Off

“Straight outta Skegee, a photojournalistic piece by Albert A. Cesare was published in The Montgomery Advertiser this week following his attendance at Tuskegee’s homecoming game against Miles College last weekend. Ceasare, a professional photojournalist, regularly covers football in the south. Last Saturday, his work took him to Alumni Bowl on the historic campus of Tuskegee University, home of the world’s largest tailgating party inside a football stadium. He undoubtedly witnessed a festive event that rivals anything he has seen covering football in the south. read more

Tuskegee Ousts Board Chair

By Michael October 17, 2015 Off

TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA, CASCADE PRESS (CP) Sources close to the Tuskegee Board of Trustees have reported to the CP that the Board of Trustees at prestigious Tuskegee University removed Charles “Chuck” Williams as chairman of the Board. Williams had been the chairman of the Board since 2010 when he replaced long time board chairman Andrew Brimmer. read more

Lt. Spann Was A Change Agent

By Michael September 13, 2015 Off

CARROLLTON, TEXAS, CASCADE PRESS (CP) Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann was a change agent. Spann did not set out to become a change agent. As a teenager growing up in Rutherford, New Jersey in the 1930s, he just wanted to fly airplanes. Little did he know his dream of becoming a pilot would change the course of a war. The winds of which were beginning to stir in Europe, or that his dream would lead to wider acceptance of black Americans by their government. read more

Lt. Spann Smart Tuskegee Airmen

By Michael September 8, 2015 Off

Second Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann was a smart Tuskegee Airman. During the second World War, he  was arguably, the United States’ smartest Airman, Tuskegee or otherwise. He did not set out to become a Tuskegee Airman. Spann simply wanted to fly fighter jets. At the age of 17 he was attending high school in New Jersey. He learned that the Army had a written examination for pilots. read more