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Tuskegee Ousts Board Chair

By Michael October 17, 2015 Off

TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA, CASCADE PRESS (CP) Sources close to the Tuskegee Board of Trustees have reported to the CP that the Board of Trustees at prestigious Tuskegee University removed Charles “Chuck” Williams as chairman of the Board. Williams had been the chairman of the Board since 2010 when he replaced long time board chairman Andrew Brimmer. read more

Lt. Spann Was A Change Agent

By Michael September 13, 2015 Off

CARROLLTON, TEXAS, CASCADE PRESS (CP) Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann was a change agent. Spann did not set out to become a change agent. As a teenager growing up in Rutherford, New Jersey in the 1930s, he just wanted to fly airplanes. Little did he know his dream of becoming a pilot would change the course of a war. The winds of which were beginning to stir in Europe, or that his dream would lead to wider acceptance of black Americans by their government. read more


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I am a critical thinker.

When I was a student at Tuskegee Institute, I audited classes taught by history professor, W. J. Fluker, a graduate of Alabama State University and Notre Dame.

He insisted his students think critically about the issues they confronted on a daily basis. He gave essay exams. There was no right or wrong answers. His students were graded on how well they could frame the issue and support their argument. read more

Tuskegee Student Shot

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TUSKEGEE (Cascade Publishing)

According to several parents who have students attending Tuskegee University, a Tuskegee student was shot in the leg over the weekend. The name of the student has not been released, but it is believed that the student is from the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Anonymous sources inside the Tuskegee City Police Department said, “the student was shot while attending a hip-hop concert in the Daniel “Chappie” James Center.” However, the City of Tuskegee has left the investigation of the incident up to the Tuskegee University Police Department. A call to the university’s Chief of Police, Patrick Mardis, seeking information about the shooting was not returned by publication time. Also, messages left with the president’s office and the public information office were not returned. read more

Who Runs Tuskegee?

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Who runs Tuskegee University?

In 1880 Tuskegee was established as a teacher’s college with a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. They elected their successors and are responsible to no one.

The initial Trustees were Lewis Adams, the Negro Shopkeeper who actually founded the school; George Campbell, a white banker befriended by Adams and a representative; appointed by the State of Alabama in exchange for an annual appropriation of $2,000 for teachers’ salaries. read more

Dr. Johnson Center of TU Storm

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Dr. Brian L. Johnson, the new president at Tuskegee University is at the center of a storm brewing on the East Alabama campus, that once reveled itself as the “pride of the swift growing South.”

Johnson’s tenure got off to a rocky start when many in the alumni community questioned his lack of senior executive experience at the postsecondary level. read more