Month: August 2015

Amelia: Defender of the Vote

By Michael August 27, 2015 Off

Amelia Boynton Robinson, “Queen Mother” to those close to her, was the perpetual defender of the Negro vote. She transitioned on August 26, 2015, eight days after her 111th birthday.

Amelia learned the importance of voting from her parents George and Annie Platts. Her father was a businessman in Savannah, Georgia. He owned a lumber company, built an eleven room house for his family – which still stands today – and owned one of the few automobiles on the Savannah roadway in the early 1900’s. He would have owned two automobiles, but Amelia’s mother did not want to learn to drive a car, so he bought her a horse and buggy to get around Savannah. read more

Set The Captives Free, Hillary

By Michael August 18, 2015 Off

Set the captives free, Hillary. If you sincerely get what the #BlackLivesMatter group from Massachusetts  had to say about the original American sin transitioning black Americans from chattel slavery on a plantation to penal slavery in federal and state penitentiaries; then set the captives free.

Set the captives free on day one of your administration. Just like your husband wasted no time in fulfilling a pledge to the LGBT community and issued an executive order, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” on day one of his administration; you can with one stroke of your pen, set the captives free. read more

Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter

By Michael August 9, 2015 Off

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  and #BlackLivesMatter, what is the point? I am just wondering, what is the point?

Sanders is perhaps the most progressive candidate for the Democratic nomination since Bobby Kennedy’s quest for the nomination in 1968, ended when Kennedy was assassinated.

Sanders has been hounded by the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. On Saturday, two members of the #BlackLivesMatter group shut-down a Sanders’ campaign rally in Seattle, Washington. read more

Donald Trump:Obnoxious Nuisance?

By Michael August 8, 2015 Off

To say that Donald Trump is an obnoxious nuisance is a trite and perhaps a politically incorrect thing to say. Nevertheless, it is probably true. Donald Trump, in the words of my eighth grade civic teacher Rev. Wilson, is” an obnoxious nuisance.”

Although, Rev. Wilson was referring to an avid young reader who asked probing questions that went beyond the best organized lesson plan, (as they say, it takes one to know one) the term obnoxious nuisance aptly applies to Trump’s bullying persona in a crowded Republican field; a field of contenders jockeying for elbow room in the Republican presidential preseason. read more

Little Anger Over Sam Dubose Killing

By Michael August 7, 2015 Off

CINCINNATI (CASCADE PRESS) There is little anger felt in the streets of Cincinnati over the killing of Sam Dubose. I came to this conclusion after spending two days on the banks of this riverfront town as the “dog days” of 2015 draw to a close.

Several weeks ago the national news media speculated that Cincinnati was on the verge of exploding. The tipping point, the media reports said,  could be the release of the video showing the shooting death of Samuel Dubose, a black motorist stopped by a white University of Cincinnati police officer for violations of a state law that requires motorists to display a license plate on the front of their automobiles. The national headlines even prompted me to write a column ( speculating that Cincinnati was a powder keg waiting to explode once the public saw this video. read more