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Tuskegee Successful in removing SAC Warning

By Michael June 15, 2017 Off

CASCADE PRESS (CP), Atlanta, Georgia, Today, Tuskegee University successfully navigated itself through a series of accreditation warnings notices imposed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SAC). This agency grants accreditation to the university’s degree granting programs.

Back in June 2015, Tuskegee University for the first time in its 135 year history saw its accreditation threaten. In 2015, SAC gave the university 12 months to resolve 18 issues. When Tuskegee issued it responds to those issues in June 2016, SAC found the university had successfully addressed 14 of their concerns, but placed the university on warning status for an additional 12 months so they could address the remaining four items. read more

Johnson Kicks “Skegee” In the Teeth

By Michael May 30, 2017 Off

On his way out as president of Tuskegee University, Dr. Brian Johnson kicked the proud “Skegee” machine in the teeth.

Three days after rumors surfaced that Johnson was out as president of the “Skegee” family, the university is yet to issue an official statement about current leadership of the university. read more

Johnson Rumored Out At Tuskegee

By Michael May 26, 2017 Off

CASCADE PRESS (CP) Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, It is rumored that Dr. Brian Johnson, seventh president of Tuskegee University has been relieved of his duties at the university.

A call to Johnson’s office around noon central standard time could not confirm whether the rumor was true.

According to Robin Gray, Executive Assistant and Office Manager to President Johnson, the campus has been abuzz all day with talk that the President has been terminated. read more

Tuskegee Super Fan Back On Sideline

By Michael January 30, 2017 Off

Jonathan Horn, affectionately dubbed the “Super Fan” by spectators of Tuskegee athletics, was told two years ago that he could no longer cheer for his favorite sports teams from the sideline on the historic Tuskegee campus, nor would he be allowed to travel with the football team on out of town trips. read more

Tuskegee Chair Page Seeks To Quiet Dissent

By Michael October 8, 2016 Off

Atlanta, Georgia, Cascade Press, Saturday, October 8, 2016, John Page, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Tuskegee University spoke with the Concerned Tuskegee Alumni in Atlanta, Georgia. He asked the group to quiet its dissenting voice regarding issues confronting the university.

Page’s message to the Concerned Tuskegee Alumni (CTA) was very similar to the “House Divided” lecture he gave to board members last weekend during the board’s annual fall meeting. His speech to the board was largely successful as members who had been willing to take a vote of no confidence on the job performance of the university president decided to get in line behind Page. read more

Tuskegee Board Decline Vote On President

By Michael October 2, 2016 Off

Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, Cascade Press, This weekend, the Tuskegee Board of Trustees declined to take a vote on firing President Brian Johnson. The board met on the historic campus of Tuskegee University for their annual fall meeting, September 29 through October 1.

A contingent of “concerned alumni” from Atlanta, Georgia and Tuskegee, Alabama held out hope that they could convince the Tuskegee Trustees that dismissing Johnson was in the best interest of the university. This group began each day of the board meeting at the gravesite of Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver. They prayed for guidance and the right words to speak in their conversations with board members. read more

Eminent Associates Withhold Funds To Tuskegee

By Michael September 15, 2016 Off

Eminent Associates, an elite group of financial contributors to Tuskegee University has withheld funds raised for the university. The group annually makes a sizable donation to the university during the Fall Convocation. However, when the group met last weekend (September 9-11, 2016) on the historic campus of Tuskegee University, they declined to write a check. read more

Tuskegee Board Should Fire Prez Today!

By Michael August 16, 2016 Off

EDITORIAL, Let me be clear, Tuskegee University’s Board of Trustees should fire President Brian Johnson, today, preferably before the sun goes down, or depending upon where you are in the world, before it comes up.

Over the course of the past several years, I have written a series of news stories about the misadventures of Dr. Brian Johnson’s tenure at the helm of Tuskegee University. Although those stories were factual accounts of events at the university, members of the alumni and some student leaders discounted the factual basis of the articles and treated them as if they were opinion pieces. read more

Are Layoffs Imminent At Tuskegee?

By Michael July 30, 2016 Off

Are layoffs imminent at Tuskegee? That is the water cooler buzz on the East Alabama campus of Tuskegee University. Strong rumors are circulating that pink slips are just around the counter for employees at the university founded by Lewis Adams and $2,000 from the State of Alabama 135 years ago.

According to sources on campus, university employees fearing layoffs are submitting applications in droves at businesses and government agencies in Alabama. According to our sources, the university has almost run out of money and the impending layoffs are a last ditch effort to keep the university afloat. read more

Tuskegee Club Blocks No Confidence Vote

By Michael June 29, 2016 Off

Members of the Atlanta Tuskegee Alumni Club are flat-out mad at the club’s executive board. Their anger is boiling over after an executive board member told Carl Trimble, an Atlanta architect, that no action was taken on a vote of “no confidence” approved by the Club in February.

On February 20, by a vote of 36-2 the club expressed it’s disapproval of the manner in which President Brian Johnson is discharging his duties at Tuskegee. Then they voted 32-2 to send “a vote of no confidence” to the Board of Trustees, due to their failure to properly oversee the operation of the university. read more