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What Cruz Non Endorsement Mean?

By Michael July 21, 2016 Off

Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump during his speech before the National Republican Convention. He took the steam out of what was to have been a big night for Mike Pence, Trump’s selection for Vice President.

Did anyone expect him to endorse his primary opponent?

Perhaps not many given the nasty words hurled back and forth between the two men during a year long primary contest. However, GOP convention goers were probably hoping that Cruz would bury the hatchet and kiss the hand of the latest GOP Godfather. read more

Ted Cruz Birther Flap

By Michael January 7, 2016 Off

Ted Cruz is embroiled a Birther flap he wishes would go away.

Four years ago, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sat back and watched his father, Rafael Cruz, rise in the ranks of the “Birther Movement.” Rafael Cruz regularly urged Republican Tea Party members to challenge President Barack Obama’s qualifications to be President of the United States of America. read more