Are Layoffs Imminent At Tuskegee?

By Michael July 30, 2016 Off

Are layoffs imminent at Tuskegee? That is the water cooler buzz on the East Alabama campus of Tuskegee University. Strong rumors are circulating that pink slips are just around the counter for employees at the university founded by Lewis Adams and $2,000 from the State of Alabama 135 years ago.

According to sources on campus, university employees fearing layoffs are submitting applications in droves at businesses and government agencies in Alabama. According to our sources, the university has almost run out of money and the impending layoffs are a last ditch effort to keep the university afloat. read more

Tuskegee Club Blocks No Confidence Vote

By Michael June 29, 2016 Off

Members of the Atlanta Tuskegee Alumni Club are flat-out mad at the club’s executive board. Their anger is boiling over after an executive board member told Carl Trimble, an Atlanta architect, that no action was taken on a vote of “no confidence” approved by the Club in February.

On February 20, by a vote of 36-2 the club expressed it’s disapproval of the manner in which President Brian Johnson is discharging his duties at Tuskegee. Then they voted 32-2 to send “a vote of no confidence” to the Board of Trustees, due to their failure to properly oversee the operation of the university. read more

Tuskegee Failed to Lift SACS Warning

By Michael June 23, 2016 Off

Tuskegee University failed to lift the SACS Warning Notice. The warning was issued by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on Colleges. This agency accredits the university’s degree granting programs.

Last June, SACS placed Tuskegee under a warning notice. The notice was intended to last for one year. It gave the university twelve months to comply with requirements due under a five year review plan. read more

Finger Pointing At Tuskegee

By Michael June 17, 2015 Off

Top level administration officials are engaged in finger pointing at Tuskegee University. The finger pointing was triggered by  a warning notice from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission (SACS).

Tuskegee University President Brian L. Johnson is pointing his finger at former interim President Matthews Jenkins. read more