Two Students Shot at Tuskegee

Margaret Murray Washington Hall on the campus of Tuskegee University. Photo Credits: Harold Michael Harvey
Margaret Murray Washington Hall on the campus of Tuskegee University. Photo Credits: Harold Michael Harvey

CASCADE PRESS (CP)Tuskegee Institute, Alabama:Two students were shot today at Tuskegee University, according to the Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing.

According to the university, two”students have sustained injuries and are being treated at area medical facilities.” Without identifying the campus location of the shooting, the university states the shooting took “place in a residence hall parking lot on the TU (Tuskegee University) campus.”

This shooting incident occurred between 3:30 a. m.- 4:00 a. m., according to the university announcement.

Last year a visitor to the campus was shot following a concert on campus where the hip-hop artist Young Thug had performed. At the time Cascade Press reported that the person shot was a student. The university would never confirm this information.

Two months ago, the Macon County Sheriff’s office confirmed that a shooting had occurred on the Tuskegee University campus following the Young Thug performance, but the individual shot was not enrolled at the university.

This month Tuskegee University welcomed Young Thug to campus. Next month it hopes to welcome President Obama at commencement exercises. The Pride of the Swift Growing South continues to present the very best in the African American Experience. Photo from Young Thugs social media posting.
April 2015, Tuskegee University welcomed Young Thug an Atlanta area hip-hop artist to campus. A campus visitor was shot when following the concert. Earlier today, April 16, 2016, two Tuskegee students were allegedly shot by another Tuskegee student. Photo from the Internet

According to witnesses who responded to our story about last year’s shooting, the shooter was a resident of Auburn, Alabama. No one was ever arrested for this campus shooting.

In last night’s shooting, both the campus police with assistance from local law enforcement authorities have identified a suspect, but at this time have not released the suspect’s name or motive to the public.

According to a member of the Board of Trustees, authorities have apprehended a suspect in last night’s shooting. The suspect is a male Tuskegee University student. This Board member states that the suspect did not live on campus, but that the two students who were shot in the parking lot of the Commons residence hall on campus were students.

The two students injured in this attack were shot with a shot gun. Their injuries,  according to our sources and the university’s communication’s office, are not believed to be life threatening.

Cascade Press has learned that the two students injured in this attack were returning to their dormitory from an off campus party, where an altercation had occurred between them and the shooter. The two injured students left the party. The shooter followed the two men back to their residence on campus, and he opened fire upon them in the parking lot.

The university has been cleared from an active shooter situation.


Original Interview a member of the Tuskegee Board of Trustees

Tuskegee Student Shot

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