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Lt. Spann Smart Tuskegee Airmen

By Michael September 8, 2015 0

Second Lieutenant Calvin J. Spann was a smart Tuskegee Airman. During the second World War, he  was arguably, the United States’ smartest Airman, Tuskegee or otherwise. He did not set out to become a Tuskegee Airman. Spann simply wanted to fly fighter jets. At the age of 17 he was attending high school in New Jersey. He learned that the Army had a written examination for pilots. read more

Tuskegee Faces Accreditation Issues

By Michael June 16, 2015 3

Tuskegee University faces accreditation issues. Last week the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) gave the school a warning notice. Tuskegee’s embattled President Brian Johnson was told that documentation he supplied was inadequate. The requested information related to the five year plan that was submitted in 2014. read more

Tuskegee Grads Seek Ouster of Prez

By Michael April 26, 2015 7

TUSKEGEE (Cascade Press)

Tuskegee grads have launched a petition on Change.org to oust first year President, Brian Johnson. The drive comes nine months into Johnson’s first year on the job. It is believed to be unprecedented for graduates to seek the ouster of a college president via an online petition. read more

Hip-Hop Prez Raps After Fight

By Michael April 18, 2015 3

TUSKEGEE, AL (Cascade Press)

A week after fights broke out in the Chappie James Center during a Young Thug concert, Tuskegee’s hip-hop quoting president, Brain Johnson took to social media to rap a hip-hop ditty: “Hear this again and again and again. All I ever did do, do or will continue to do is win.” read more

Tuskegee Student Shot

By Michael April 13, 2015 11

TUSKEGEE (Cascade Publishing)

According to several parents who have students attending Tuskegee University, a Tuskegee student was shot in the leg over the weekend. The name of the student has not been released, but it is believed that the student is from the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Anonymous sources inside the Tuskegee City Police Department said, “the student was shot while attending a hip-hop concert in the Daniel “Chappie” James Center.” However, the City of Tuskegee has left the investigation of the incident up to the Tuskegee University Police Department. A call to the university’s Chief of Police, Patrick Mardis, seeking information about the shooting was not returned by publication time. Also, messages left with the president’s office and the public information office were not returned. read more

Tuskegee Protest Underway

By Michael March 20, 2015 20

Tuskegee University students have issued a demand to the school’s Board of Trustees to fire newly- appointed President Brian Johnson. Johnson has been on the job for less than a year. He was selected by the Tuskegee Board of Trustees at the behest of Board Chairman General (Ret.) Charles Williams. read more