Saturday Morning With Harold Michael Harvey

December 26, 2017 Off By Michael
Saturday Morning with Harold Michael Harvey

Harold Michael Harvey host of new internet television based Talk Show, Saturday Morning.
Photo Credit: Ruby J. Simon

Why Saturday Morning and why with Harold Michael Harvey? Let me tell you why!

Saturday morning is that day of the week when the hectic pace of life slows down. It is a day to sleep in, arise late and reflect; on the week that was, the fun to be had over the weekend and the week coming up. It’s that time of the week to savor your cup of coffee, without having to rush off to work, to enjoy the aroma and the taste of the coffee beans on your tongue.

Saturday Morning with Harold Michael Harvey is for the person who seeks enlightenment on the issues which shaped the week they just lived, while they were too busy to grasp the nuances of the news week.

Award winning journalist Harold Michael Harvey, a former practicing lawyer will host a one hour show each Saturday morning that will cover political and social issues on the local, state and national level. Harvey will bring his years of journalism experience, legal education and practical experience gained as a former trial lawyer to bear on the major topics of discussion in our community.

Harvey’s editors at Allvoices, where he received two prizes for political punditry, said of his impact on the world of journalism: “Harvey brings a can-do-spirit to reporting and fresh, intriguing perspectives to his opinion and commentary. His background in law helps readers broaden their horizons and frame the news in ways that have the potential of promoting constructive solutions to contentious issues.”

An editor at the Pundit Project, Darren Richardson, said: “Harold Michael Harvey’s columns have a way of getting to the heart of the matter…”

Harold Michael Harvey coming from out of the shadow in 2018 to bring his perspective on the issues of our time to Saturday Morning. Photo Credit: Sharon Dowdell

“Marrying the journalistic style, political nuance and legal acumen of Harold Michael Harvey with Saturday Morning seems so natural, we at Kingdom Business Communication Network Media are surprised that some other media outlet had not thought of it earlier,” said James Green at KBCN.

Saturday Morning selects influencers whose perspectives shape and impact our community. The show airs in the 10:00 am eastern time slot, right about the time that many on the east coast are reaching for that second cup of Joe.

Saturday Morning uses a studio format where guests are interviewed to gain their perspective on the issues. However, quarterly, Saturday Morning takes the studio to local coffee shops, eateries, and pubs to host town hall meetings. The town hall meetings are all about the public; what they think about the issues, what they think the solutions are and what they would do if given the authority to resolve the issue.

Melvin Perdue on Saturday Morning

With fewer than 69 African American playing Major League Baseball, who knew there are Black Americans playing professional baseball in Europe. Harold Michael Harvey knew and he shares on Saturday Morning, the story of Melvin Perdue who is attempting to make the Netherland’s 2020 Olympic Baseball team. Tune in on January 20, 2018 at Photo Credit: Cascade Publishing House

Saturday Morning’s mission is to enlighten, inspire and instigate change. Please share your Saturday Morning with us wherever you are on the planet via internet by logging into If you are too busy to watch, not a problem, just plug in your earphones, listen to the dialogue and carry on with your day. Join us each Saturday Morning with Harold Michael Harvey at 10:00 am beginning January 13, 2018.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist. He is a Contributor at The Hill, SCLC National Magazine, Southern Changes Magazine and Black College Nines. He can be contacted at