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May The Best Woman Win!

By Michael November 28, 2017 Off

For the first time in Atlanta’s 170 year history  residents are trying to figure out who is the best woman to lead the city as mayor. After a grueling campaign season, which featured over a dozen candidates, Atlanta is on the brink of electing her second woman mayor in history. Veteran city councilmembers Keisha Lance Bottom and Mary Norwood gathered the lion’s share of votes in the non-partisan General Election held in early November. read more

Reggie Eaves, “Mr. Commish”

By Michael June 11, 2015 Off

A. Reginald Eaves, “Mr. Commish” to his inner circle, was the very first Public Safety Commissioner in the country. Prior to the 1975 election of Maynard Holbrook Jackson as the mayor of Atlanta there was no such thing as a Public Safety Commissioner.

Before Atlanta changed from the old rural Marshal/Deputy Marshal system in 1873, the chief law enforcement officer in the city had been the Chief of Police. After his election, Jackson needed to wrestle control of the Police Department away from John F. Inman, the Chief of Police since March 2o, 1972. read more