Americans Would Be Reluctant To Follow Trump Into War

September 3, 2017 Off By Michael
Trump's leadership style

A cartoon depicting the leader style of the 45th President, as the drums of war are beating in the Korean Peninsula. Credits: US News&World Report


Americans would be reluctant to follow Donald J. Trump into war. At least a sampling of cyberfriends on the social media site Facebook seems to suggest this is the case.

When asked: “Honestly, would you follow 45 into war,” 99.9 percent of the respondents replied with some version of expletive no.

One respondent took exception to the question and responses by resorting to vile name calling. She saw this unscientific poll as an attempt by liberals to denigrate Trump’s win.

A female school teacher in Florida said she would not follow 45 into war. She added, “If I was younger, I would keep myself pregnant.”

A federal employee who lives in New York said, “I would not follow him down the block.”

A young lady who lives in Middle Georgia said,”I would not follow 45 across the street, much less to war.”

A cosmetics industry executive said, “I wouldn’t follow him across the street with a green light.” With emphasis on “with a green light.”

One young lady opined, “There is no ‘following’ a nuclear war.”

“I wouldn’t follow him into a building,” a young Black male said.

A female political consultant in Macon-Bibb County, Georgia said, “I would not follow him down Dempsey Avenue.” Ironically, Dempsey Avenue, now known as Mercer University Boulevard was widened in the early 1970s via funding from the Richard Nixon administration. Ostensibly to facilitate the movement of federal tanks through the heart of the predominately Black Unionville community in case of urban unrest.

A beauty pageant winner from Michigan averred that 45’s “Children won’t go to war,” as justification for her not following him into war.

“I wouldn’t follow him anywhere. I would head in the opposite direction,” a television producer said.

“I would not follow 45 into a church,” a prominent Georgia death penalty lawyer offered.

“Only long enough to make sure he made it to the front,” said a deputy director of a mental health facility in Northern California.

A landscape photographer said, “Only if he is taking point.”

“No, I wouldn’t follow him to 7-Eleven,” said a journalist and Ex-Pat living in Paris.

“I wouldn’t follow him into Kmart,” a retired United Methodist pastor added.

Granted the vast majority of the respondents are past military service age, but judging from this non-scientific polling, it appears that 45 would be hard pressed to find support for a war that he can brand as his own.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist. He is a Contributor at The Hill, SCLC National Magazine, Southern Changes Magazine and Black College Nines. He can be contacted at