Month: November 2017

May The Best Woman Win!

By Michael November 28, 2017 Off

For the first time in Atlanta’s 170 year history  residents are trying to figure out who is the best woman to lead the city as mayor. After a grueling campaign season, which featured over a dozen candidates, Atlanta is on the brink of electing her second woman mayor in history. Veteran city councilmembers Keisha Lance Bottom and Mary Norwood gathered the lion’s share of votes in the non-partisan General Election held in early November. read more

Former NBA Star Sha-ron Wright Blasts Ball-Trump Fight

By Michael November 26, 2017 Off

Former National Basketball Association (NBA) star Sha-ron Wright blasted LaVar Ball, Sr. for his war of words with President Donald J. Trump over whether Ball’s “troops on the ground” or Trump’s influence with Chinese President Xi Jinping led to Ball’s son LiAngelo Ball being released from Chinese custody. read more

Sexual Misconduct Gospel According To Trump

By Michael November 21, 2017 Off

The gospel of sexual misconduct according to Donald J. Trump, who wields the power inherent to the 45th president and is sometimes confused with a real president is very simple.

In a nutshell, the gospel of sexual harassment according to Trump goes something like this:

If you are accused of sexual misconduct of any kind or with any age group totally deny it. If you are accused of sexual harassment whatever you do, do not admit it, even if you did it, lie and say that you did not do it. read more

Pro Baseball Scouts and Coaches Hold Clinic In Atlanta

By Michael November 12, 2017 Off

Steve Williams, President of Professional Scouting for the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club, was all smiles on a recent chilly Saturday morning. What brought a smile to his face was the sight of 100 young, mostly black, men on the baseball diamond at Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

There was a gleam in his eyes that matched the radiant smile on his face as he looked across the ball field with the watchful eye of a mentor, coach and scout. read more

HBCU Showcase Brings Out Black Kids, Pro Scouts and College Coaches

By Michael November 4, 2017 Off

When Chip Lawrence, a former minor leaguer and current National Scouting Supervisor with the Padres.ended his playing career; he wanted to give back to Black kids who shared his passion for baseball. Eight years ago, he started putting together baseball showcase events.

Three years ago, Lawrence, who works as a scout for the San Diego Padres, incorporated his dream into the Pro Youth Foundation. He has narrowed his focus to providing an opportunity for Black young men to advance their education via a historical Black College and University experience. read more