Day: September 3, 2017

Americans Would Be Reluctant To Follow Trump Into War

By Michael September 3, 2017 Off

Americans would be reluctant to follow Donald J. Trump into war. At least a sampling of cyberfriends on the social media site Facebook seems to suggest this is the case.

When asked: “Honestly, would you follow 45 into war,” 99.9 percent of the respondents replied with some version of expletive no. read more

Tuskegee-Alabama State Renew Rivalry Brings Families Together

By Michael September 3, 2017 Off

They have not met on the gridiron since 2012. That year Alabama State University christened its new stadium with their 61st loss to it’s intrastate rival.

The two schools are about 35 miles apart. They started playing football against each other on Thanksgiving Day back in 1924. The series continued with minor interruptions for 88 years. read more