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Sanders-Clinton Even After One

By Michael February 3, 2016 Off

The Sanders-Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination is virtually even after one inning. With 44 unpledged delegates to this summer’s National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia up for grabs in this week’s Iowa Caucus, the Sanders-Clinton battle lived up to  pundit’s recent expectations. read more

It Won’t Stop Racists From Hating

By Michael July 10, 2015 Off

It won’t stop racists from hating. I am sure we all can agree the removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol in South Carolina will not, as Nikki Giovanni rapped in the 1960s, “stop chickens from laying eggs or Crackers from hating.”

However, it will usher in a new day in 20 years, when babies born today, will have reached adulthood, without a daily reminder of a painful period in southern history. read more