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Sanders-Clinton Even After One

By Michael February 3, 2016 Off

The Sanders-Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination is virtually even after one inning. With 44 unpledged delegates to this summer’s National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia up for grabs in this week’s Iowa Caucus, the Sanders-Clinton battle lived up to  pundit’s recent expectations. read more

Hillary Feeling the Bern

By Michael January 16, 2016 Off

Hillary Clinton is feeling the” Bern.” It is getting hot in the Democratic Primary fight for President. Hillary has turned to her daughter Chelsea and husband Bill to launch attacks on the political candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

This week a New York Times/CBS poll has Hillary Clinton leading Sanders by only seven points. (48-41 percent). Just one month ago, Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders by 20 percentage points. Interestingly, this poll has Sanders leading Clinton 2-to-1 in the 45 year old and under age category. read more