Month: November 2016

Frank Johnson Legacy: If I Can Help Somebody

By Michael November 20, 2016 Off

In 1945 Frank Jones Johnson, tall of stature, slender yet muscular of build, and 19 years old was returning home to Macon, Georgia from a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps. Johnson returned to his father’s farm in West Bibb County, Georgia. The community was named Unionville by the residents because the entire community came together in unity to help their neighbors. read more

They Done Made America White Again

By Michael November 20, 2016 Off

They done made America white again. Yep. He did it. Donald J. Trump just made America white again. It really does not come as a surprise to anyone that Donald J. Trump would surround himself with lily white faces.

But to see the smackdown live and in living achromic color shocks the senses into the comprehension of the reality show that will run the next four years. America, after all is said and done is a majority white country. read more

Winds Of Change Blowing Across America

By Michael November 15, 2016 Off

Things are changing. The winds of change are stirring, invisibly moving across America. Change is in the air. This change is lead by a new cadre of foot soldiers, who were not born when the revolution of the 1960s was fought out in the ghettos and streets of America.

These revolutionaries are not seeking out the guidance of their elders, nor are they willing to wait for the elders to turn over leadership to them, as young people did over a half-century ago. This tends to drive a sharp divide between Boomers and the millennial generation. read more

Baseball, Dad, Son and the 2016 World Series

By Michael November 4, 2016 Off

The 2016 World Series is now in the books, both the box score archives of Major League Baseball and the historical record books. As a dad I learned an important life lesson. The lesson was taught to me by my son, Coley Harvey. This lesson adds more meaning to the 2016 World Series to me, than it could possibly add to the average Cub or Indian fan’s appreciation for the history that was made this week. read more