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Baseball, Dad, Son and the 2016 World Series

By Michael November 4, 2016 Off

The 2016 World Series is now in the books, both the box score archives of Major League Baseball and the historical record books. As a dad I learned an important life lesson. The lesson was taught to me by my son, Coley Harvey. This lesson adds more meaning to the 2016 World Series to me, than it could possibly add to the average Cub or Indian fan’s appreciation for the history that was made this week. read more

World Series-Baseball’s Life Lessons

By Michael November 2, 2015 Off

The Kansas City Royals World Series win in last night’s fall baseball classic taught several valuable life lessons. As often is the case in all sporting events, the outcome of the contest often turns on mistakes made by one side or the other.

Usually these mistakes are of a physical nature and are committed by a player in the contest. For instance, a player may boot a ground ball that should have been caught and turned into an out, or a defensive fielder may make an errant throw that allows the opposing team to gain an advantage that they otherwise would not have had at their disposal. read more

Debate or World Series

By Michael October 28, 2015 Off

I can’t believe that I am missing the most competitive World Series in many years  to watch the Republican Debate. There has to be something wrong with this picture. I am an admitted baseball fanatic and a political junkie, so something had to give.

My grandfather Charles, sat me in a kids rocking chair, next to his rocker, in 1955 to watch Don Larsen pitch the first and only perfect game in World Series history. I’ve been hooked on baseball’s fall classic every since then. I cut my political teeth in the early 1950’s listening to my extended family debate whether President Harry Truman should have allowed General Douglas MacArthur to pursue the Chinese into the mainland several years after Truman and MacArthur were off the political landscape. That’s how serious politics was around the Harvey farm. read more