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Tubman Exhibit Honors Johnson and Montford Point Marines

By Michael April 4, 2017 Off

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have been asked to write a brief bio of Frank Jones Johnson for a plaque which will be displayed in the Tubman Museum honoring Johnson and Eugene Mosley, two Maronites who were among the first Blacks to serve in the United States Marine Corp. Here is my inscription.  

Frank Jones Johnson (1927-2016) was born in West Bibb County, Georgia in a section of the county known as Unionville. The community acquired its name because the residents preached unity of purpose to address social concerns in the community by helping each family. It was this sense of helping others that would guide the life of Frank J. Johnson. read more

Frank Johnson Legacy: If I Can Help Somebody

By Michael November 20, 2016 Off

In 1945 Frank Jones Johnson, tall of stature, slender yet muscular of build, and 19 years old was returning home to Macon, Georgia from a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps. Johnson returned to his father’s farm in West Bibb County, Georgia. The community was named Unionville by the residents because the entire community came together in unity to help their neighbors. read more