Assange October Surprise No Surprise At All

October 4, 2016 Off By Michael
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange did not deliver a long expected October Surprise during his early morning observance of the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks, October 4, 2016 Photo Credit: ABC News

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange did not deliver a long expected October Surprise during his early morning observance of the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks, October 4, 2016
Photo Credit: ABC News

I stayed up all night to make sure I did not miss the October Surprise. I am not sure if it was a smart thing to do. Nevertheless, here I am up to see if Julian Assange pull a rabbit out of a hat. Many conservatives think if  Assange does, it will be the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

I am not sure if this is a logical inference that can be drawn given the fact conspiracy theorists think that the Clintons can fix any election and remove any irritant out of their way.

If the Clinton’s are so powerful, it probably will not matter what new revelations Assange has. If they are so powerful is there any recourse for the average American citizen? If they are so powerful, then why is Donald Trump still in the race? Why has Trump not been vanquished to Trump Towers?

Alex Jones of Infowars, an independent journalist, whose reporting is generally ignored by traditional journalists, has found himself as fodder for the stump speeches of both Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Additionally, several top conservative news agencies have discredited Jones’ journalistic reports.

It’s 3:27am. I am watching Jones’ Infowars because he has set up a direct feed from Germany where Assange will hold a press conference to observe the 10th anniversary of the founding of Wikileaks.

Jones is milking the impending Assange October Surprise for every second he can get out of it. As the clock ticks towards 4:00 am, I can hardly wait to learn what in the world I have waited up all night to witness and report. Forty-five thousand people are up with me and tuned into Infowars. Could there be 45,000 crazy people in the world who actually believe that Wiki could actually leak something that could change the course of an American presidential election?


It is left up to Wikileaks to validate our sanity tonight. It can do that by delivering some awesome tidbit of information that moves the narrative of Clinton’s candidacy in one way or another. Otherwise, I will conclude, that I and the 44,999 other people were had by the hype that some earth shattering announcement would be made.

At 3:44am, Jones is selling a liver cleaner to the 45,000 fearless and faithful, along with Make America Great tee Shirts and ball caps bearing the signature of Donald Trump, in spite of the fact that the next 16 minutes could shake up American government and politics.

At 3:48am, I turn to view the Assange news conference on Right Side Broadcasting another 28,000 viewers are tuned in, waiting for the live coverage of Assange’s upcoming announcement. Another 28,000  zombies or crazies or whatever waiting for validation that they are sane humans witnessing a news events of extreme importance.

At 4:00am, and no Assange.

The Press Conference starts at 4:06 am with a video detailing a decade of accomplishments of Wikileaks. They have dumped more than 10 million heretofore secret documents containing a total of one billion words into the public domain, with promises of more to come. According to the U. S. Department of Defense, none of the American leaks have caused harm to any American agents working in foreign lands.

“You don’t publish a million secrets a year without getting a few enemies.” This message is flashed upon the video screen. Secretary Clinton recently surmised that Assange should be the subject of a drone attack, notwithstanding the fact, a publisher under the American constitution, is granted the right to express displeasure in the actions of the government and its leaders.

At 5:03am, Assange appears via Skype wearing a Tee shirt with the word “Truth” written across his


At 5:13am, Assange states, “If we are going to make a major announcement in the American election, we don’t do it at 3am.” He said that there is planned a release of information, but to do it effectively, wikileak will need an army, not a military army, but an army of journalist.” He makes a plea for interested journalist to email him. The address is

So no big information dump. No big October surprise on the American election this October morning. Assange used the tenth anniversary of the founding of Wikileaks to position his publication as a legitimate media source, doing the important work of keeping the people informed and governments around the globe on their “P’s” and “Q’s”.

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