Cascade To Publish The Lou Miller Story: An Unsung Civil Rights Icon

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Cascade Publishing House is pleased to announce we have reached an agreement to edit and publish the life story of Rev. Louis K. Miller, a lifelong mentee of Rev. C. T. Vivian. The working title of Miller’s book is The Lou Miller Story: God’s Church Planter and Civil Rights Preacher.

Miller organized a successful clean-up campaign in his Nashville neighborhood as a fifth-grade student. It received excellent coverage in The Tennessean, Nashville’s daily newspaper. Coming off this successful campaign, Miller introduced himself to C. T. Vivian and James Lawson. At that time, Vivian and Lawson were training college students in the science of non-violent demonstration, their target, the Woolworth Department Store in downtown Nashville. read more

Bennett Thrasher, CPA Firm Hosts Author Harold Michael Harvey During Black History Month

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Cascade Publishing House is honored to announce its publisher and senior writer, Harold Michael Harvey, will speak to the Advancing Black Leaders Resource Group at Bennett Thrasher in February 2022. Bennett Thrasher is the eighth largest accounting firm in Atlanta.

Harvey will address his professional career as a journalist, lawyer, and author during Bennett Thrasher’s observance of Black History Month. read more

Atlanta’s Moment of Decision

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Reed A Strong Candidate for Atlanta Mayor

Kasim Reed, the son of a courageous civil rights worker, has a strong chin and a personality to match. People either love his matter of fact-ness, or they loath it. With Kasim, you know on which side of the issue he stands. He is for an idea, or he is against it. One thing is sure, his steadfastness, once locked in, is unmovable. read more

The Endearing Legacy of Tyrone Brooks

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Bridging the Gap From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter

In 1967, Rev. Hosea Williams, a trusted aide of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., introduced his 21-year-old protégé, Tyrone Brooks, to Dr. King, hoping to get King’s approval to hire the young man whom Williams was grooming for civil rights work. King told Williams that he did not do the hiring and firing at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The organization’s Vice President, Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, discharged those duties. read more

Rebecca King Just Woke Up Atlanta Mayor’s Race

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Buckhead Activist Tosses Hat in the Ring

Eighteen days before qualifying starts in the 2021 race for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead activist Rebecca King woke up the heretofore dull mayoral contest. King, the Chief Executive Officer of Cover Your Assets, an insurance documentation business, announced she is entering the campaign to become the next mayor of Atlanta. read more

MVP Baseball Showcase Back With Scouts and College Coaches

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15th Annual Event Brings Out Black Baseball Moms In Support of Their Sons

On this mid-July weekend, a beautiful ocean blue sky with a couple of white puffy clouds, painted, perhaps by the almighty, a fleeting summer breeze cooled the sun’s rays that beamed down on Black teenage baseball players showcasing their talent in the 15th annual Mentoring Viable Prospects (MVP) tournament. read more

SCLC Fights To Free Death Row Inmate

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While Evidence in Pervis Payne Case for Killing White Woman Disappears

Last week President Joe Biden hosted an impressive list of civil rights leaders at the White House. They came to discuss national efforts by Republican officials to restrict voting rights and criminal justice reform considering an alarming uptick in police killing of Black people since the 2008 election of Barack Obama. read more

Mayday, Mayday, The Golden Fleece Has Been Hacked

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Can Kasim Reed Restore Order, Save the Airport, and Keep Buckhead Happy?

By far, Atlanta is the most prosperous city in Georgia and arguably in the top five municipal economies in the southeastern region. Her strength lies in the two cities within a town, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the Buckhead commercial and residential district. Tax revenues from Hartsfield-Jackson and Buckhead are the driving force behind Atlanta’s prosperity. read more

Book Excerpt: My C. T. Vivian Story

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A Powerful Flame That Burned Brightly

I called him “Doc.” He called me “Brother Harvey.” In public, he introduced me as “Michael Harvey, my neighbor.” He wanted his friends and associates to know that he and I were neighbors. As if to say, you may know Michael Harvey, the professional, but I know him as a neighbor. His introductions always brought a smile to the corners of my lips. read more

White Bluefield St. Parents Offended By Story on HBCU World Series

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Black Parents, They Say Should Shut Up

I’ve been writing about Black College baseball for the better part of a decade. As a former HBCU baseball player at Fort Valley State College and Tuskegee Institute in the early 1970s, I have a long history in the sport. I have watched the sport change over the years, and I have, on numerous occasions, documented those changes. read more