Day: March 7, 2018

John Page Is On the Run At Tuskegee

By Michael March 7, 2018 Off

John Page, Chairman of the Tuskegee Board of Trustees is on the run. He is running to keep his position as board chair of the illustrative and historic Tuskegee University.

Last month, John Page drew opposition from Retired Army Colonel Floyd Griffin who entered the race after repeated calls from alumni and other board members to toss his hat in the ring. read more

Morehouse Baseball Plays First D-1 Baseball School

By Michael March 7, 2018 Off

They have been playing baseball at Morehouse College since the 1890s. The school discontinued baseball briefly, but resumed it.

Over at Georgia State University, they started playing baseball in 1956, about the time that Donn Clendenon was graduating from Morehouse and was faced with a dilemma, whether to become the first Black male elementary school teacher in Macon, Georgia, or whether to play professional baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates . read more