Retired Colonel Floyd Griffin Seeks Board Chairman Post At Tuskegee

Floyd L. Griffin, a retired Colonel in the United States Army has announced his intentions to seek the Chairmanship of the Tuskegee Board of Trustees. This position will become open in March and is expected to be filled during the Board’s annual spring meeting.

If successful Griffin will replace corporate attorney John Page, who has chaired the Tuskegee Board since 2015. read more

Tuscaloosa More than a Powerhouse Football Team

Have you ever thought about Tuscaloosa, Alabama without your thoughts going immediately to the powerhouse football team whose motto is “Roll Tide Roll?”

If you have, you would be one of the rare people on the planet who does not associate Tuscaloosa with the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama. For most people Tuscaloosa is visions of Bama on any given Saturday in the fall and usually extending into the first week of January, where they dominate the college football playoffs. read more

NRA Crying Like A Baby Time To Keep the Pressure Up

You gotta be kidding me. The NRA crying like a baby?

Yes, the NRA is crying foul over the loss of  discounts offered to its members from several fortune five hundred  companies.

The discontinuation of corporate discounts to NRA members comes in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre this month. read more

It’s Cheaper to Ban AR-15 Than Pay Teachers to Carry A Gun

The President says he would like to pay a supplement to about 20 percent of the nation’s school teachers who would be willing to conceal carry in the classroom. Yet it is much cheaper to ban the AR-15 than to supplement teachers salaries.

Although, the President pronounces giving extra incentive to teachers who would be willing to engage a shooter armed with an AR-15, without batting an eye, he does not say how this program will be paid. The words just rolls out of his mouth. read more

A Gun for Every Teacher, We Call Nuts!

A Gun for Every Teacher, We Call Nuts on that Solution!

We call nuts on the notion that arming teachers with a concealed gun in the classroom as a solution to gun violence in our schools. President Trump seemed to champion this idea during a listening session with victims of school gun violence at the White House yesterday. read more

Winless Selma Attacks Tuskegee Baseball Team

Selma, Alabama (Cascade Press)The benches and stands cleared on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 as the winless Selma College Bulldogs squared off against the Golden Tigers of Tuskegee University in historic Selma, Alabama.

The fight started after Tuskegee had defeated the Bulldogs 17-13 in the first of two games scheduled for that day. read more

Tuskegee University Alumni Group Seeks Ouster of John Page As Board Chair

Tuskegee, Alabama, (Cascade Press) A group of Tuskegee University alumni have issued a letter to members of the Board of Trustees requesting that the Board elect a new chairperson when the board meets on March 24, 2018.

Corporate attorney John Page has been the chairperson of the Tuskegee Board of Trustees for the past two years. According to Board rules, the board can reelect Page to another two year term or they can nominate a slate of candidates and hold an election to fill the chairperson position. read more

Stillman College Sweep Morehouse 5-0 and 6-2

Stillman College baseball team handed first year coach, Terrance Whittle his first victory as head of the Stillman baseball program. The Tigers of Stillman shut-out the Morehouse Maroon Tigers 5-0 behind a super pitching performance from Shawn Vowell.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Morehouse dugout shouted jeers towards Vowell on the mound. His cheeks became flushed and the six foot five inch 200 pound right hander from Birmingham took the jeers personally. read more