Month: April 2018

The Many Hazards of Living While Black

By Michael April 25, 2018 Off

Very few things can be done while living Black that are not called into question by white America. For example, we, that is Black folk, have known for a very long time (much longer than white folk have been willing to acknowledge), that it is virtually a crime to drive while Black in most places in this country. read more

Neither A Peep, Nor A Tweet Over Nashville and Saraland Waffle House From Trump

By Michael April 24, 2018 Off

My maternal grandmother had an intense dislike for Herbert Hoover. She believed that Hoover was too much of an aristocrat to have empathy for the average American.

She knew fascinating details about all of the presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. She was married the year before Hoover came into power. Her first child, my mom, was born six weeks after Hoover was elected. read more

Sex, Pimping, and Sorority Pledging at A Georgia University?

By Michael April 22, 2018 Off

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been called in to probe sexual misconduct allegations against one of the nation’s oldest Black College Sororities, on the campus of Fort Valley State University.

The university was founded in 1895 as Fort Valley High and Industrial School to provide education for descendants of people who had been enslaved on Middle Georgia cotton and peach plantations. read more

Albert Murray:The Omni American Interned at Tuskegee

By Michael April 9, 2018 Off

Albert Murray coined the phase Omniamerican as a way to explain the cultural conundrum that the American melting pot is and always has been. He did not like the expression Black American or German American. Murray began with the “basic assumption that the United States is a mulatto culture.”

There was no better way to explain the bastardization of American culture than through the gutteral sounds of jazz music, which he loved and appreciated along with the blues and the classics. read more

The Gay Preacher’s Wife

By Michael April 7, 2018 Off

I recently met Lydia Meredith at a local book club dinner. She is the author of The gay Preacher’s Wife: How My Gay Husband Deconstructed My Life and Reconstructed My Faith . The ladies in the book club did not know what to make of the book and sought to get the perspective of a heterosexual man, so they invited me. read more

A Seed inside a Seed: Memphis Fifty Years After King

By Michael April 4, 2018 Off

Note: This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book on the meaning of Memphis fifty years after Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Memphis, “The King” may be Elvis, but the city since April 4, 1968 has been defined by what happened to “A King” on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel outside of room 306.

Like Dallas, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee suffers from a sense of metaphysical guilt over the blood, in this instance, of a King, who came in peace and was slain in its city. No city leader wants this type of tragedy to occur in their geopolitical space. It simply is not good for business; and if not good for business, city leaders walk on eggshells to cleanse their collective guilt for a crime committed within their political subdivision; and some may argue with their acquiescence. read more

Breeding Babies or Breeding Racial Hatred?

By Michael April 1, 2018 Off

Breeding babies or breeding racial hatred?

In 1971, I was a college student at Tuskegee University. Two of my classmates and I decided to drive down to Ozark, Alabama to attend George Wallace’s kick-off run for President. Although, the crowd was not dressed in the garb of the KKK, they might very well have been. read more