Speaking Truth To Power From The Slave Auction Block

Speaking truth to power is an often used cliche when a person hits a cord of truth on behalf of the powerless. I have often been encouraged to stand up and speak truth to power. Usually, I do not have a problem articulating my opinion on the major topics of the day.

Perhaps this is because many years ago my mother taught me to hate injustice with a passion. And so at great peril to liberty and finances, I have never shied away from expressing my opinion on issues of injustice and inequality. read more

ATL METRO RBI Board Taps Harvey

The ATL METRO RBI Board of Directors tapped long-time youth league baseball coach Harold Michael Harvey to serve as a Director on its board. Harvey will begin a two year term on January 24, 2018.

According to John Hollins, Jr. CEO of the group, “The sole purpose of ATL METRO RBI is to bring an awareness of career opportunities in baseball to boys and girls in the Metro Atlanta community who are otherwise underserved when it comes to career opportunities in baseball on the collegiate and professional level.” read more