Month: December 2017

Saturday Morning With Harold Michael Harvey

By Michael December 26, 2017 Off

Why Saturday Morning and why with Harold Michael Harvey? Let me tell you why!

Saturday morning is that day of the week when the hectic pace of life slows down. It is a day to sleep in, arise late and reflect; on the week that was, the fun to be had over the weekend and the week coming up. It’s that time of the week to savor your cup of coffee, without having to rush off to work, to enjoy the aroma and the taste of the coffee beans on your tongue. read more

Media Roll Tide Is A Misplaced Metaphor

By Michael December 13, 2017 Off

“Roll Tide Roll” is a misplaced metaphor being bandied about in the National media, one day after Doug Jones’ stunning upset win over Roy Moore. Misplaced because the Roll Tide as in the Crimson Tide is not what led to Jones’ victory which seemed unlikely just a few days ago. Yet the media is quick to roll the words roll tide off their lips as if the spirit of the roll tide can explain what occurred on Tuesday. read more

Neither The Kitchen Sink or DishWasher Could Stop Keisha Lance Bottoms

By Michael December 6, 2017 Off

The leaders of Atlanta threw everything in the kitchen at Keisha Lance Bottoms, including the kitchen sink, the dishwasher and the butcher’s knife. In the end Lance Bottoms survived to defeat her rival Mary Norwood by 759 votes.

Lance Bottoms received 46,464 votes to Norwood’s 45,705. Both received 50 percent of the votes cast, which by law makes Norwood eligible to request a recount. She is expect to do so as she did in her 2009 race against Mayor Kasim Reed. read more

A Little Flirt Here, A Little Flirt There

By Michael December 3, 2017 Off

A little flirt here, a little flirt there plus a couple of decades equals sexual battery. At least this is what the recent rash of “Me Too” moments from back in the day seem to add up to for those who dare to brave the backlash and do the arithmetic.

Actress Angela Lansbury at 92 years of age said as much in a radio interview which was broadcasted in November. According to USA Today, Lansbury addressing the “Me Too” movement opined: “There is two sides to this coin. We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has backfired on us — and this is where we are today.” read more