Michelle Ford, Farrakhan, Kennedy

October 25, 2015 Off By Michael
Michelle Ford is the first white woman to speak from the pulpit of a Black Muslim Mosque. She is on a mission to warn black mothers about the dangerous side effects of childhood vaccinations. Photo Credits: The Internet

Michelle Ford is the first white woman to speak from the pulpit of a Black Muslim Mosque. She is on a mission to warn black mothers about the dangerous side effects of childhood vaccinations.
Photo Credits: The Internet

CASCADE PRESS, ATLANTA, GEORGIA Michelle Ford, became the first white woman to speak from the pulpit of a Black Muslim Mosque in the Atlanta area in history.  Maybe in any Black Muslim Mosque in America. It is a signal that Minister Louis Farrakhan, the group’s leader is changing and is beginning to embrace all people. The California woman who brought the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. together spoke in Muhammad Mosque Number 15 in Atlanta, Georgia today.

Ford, would have been your typical suburban soccer mom but for the fact that her daughter developed a medical challenge after receiving a childhood inoculation. Ford did not have a clue about why this problem developed, but years later she was interested in having additional children, so she began to read health reports in order to strength her body for child birth.

One day she came across a sentence which said, “Never underestimate the metals in your body.” This lead her down the proverbial “rabbit hole” where she discovered many side effects of the vaccines given to children before they start school. She immediately noticed that her daughter had most of the problems the vaccinations listed as side effects.

This started her on an eleven year journey to research the drugs approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She joined several support groups. Each comprised of 100 percent white middle-class women, many of whom did not have any black friends or any idea what black people thought about anything.

She came across a report from a CDC scientist, William Thompson, who blew the whistle on the organization. Thompson alleges that the CDC’s test results show that black male children are three times more likely to get autism than any other children in the population. Thompson contends that the CDC destroyed the majority of its test results.

Ford knew that members of the black community did not know about this cover up at the CDC. “Somebody had to tell them.” So she called every person whom she had been told was a leader in the black community, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored (NAACP), but none of them returned her telephone call. She contacted every black state legislator in California and the black congress person who represented her district and none of them returned her call. Also, she called the American Civil Liberties Union and did not receive a return call.

She was perplexed, but she does not have a quitter’s bone in her petite frame. One day while leaving a demonstration about the mandatory vaccination law in California, she met another white woman who asked if she had alerted black people about the whistle blower’s report.

After recounting her failed attempts at contacting the black community, the two decided that they needed to “get in touch with the most powerful, the most fearless, the most influential black man in the world.” Her friend thought Minister Farrakhan fit the bill of the person they were seeking. Ford had never heard the name Farrakhan. Institutionally, very little black history is taught in the schools and nothing of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Neither of the white women had any contacts in the black community, but Ford’s friend had said she “had a black friend” and would see if he could set up a meeting.

A meeting was arranged with Minister Tony Muhammad in Inglewood, California, with the understanding that Ford would bring in her “big guns” and lay out her case for how the CDC was embarked upon a course for the “destruction of black civilization.” Ford did not have any “big guns.” All she had was her research and her truth.

On a leap of faith she reached out to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., someone she had never met, and asked him if he would fly out to Inglewood in a week to meet with representatives of the Nation of Islam. Kennedy agreed. They met with Minister Tony Muhammad and laid out their evidence. When it got too deep for Minister Tony, he excused himself and placed a call to Minister Farrakhan. Farrakhan asked if Kennedy was willing to meet with him. Kennedy said he had come to the meeting hoping that Minister Tony would introduce him to Farrakhan because he believed that “Farrakhan would know what to do with the information.”

The rest as they say is history. Ford told those in the Mosque on Sunday, that away from the spotlight Farrakhan vibrates on a different frequency. “I’m here to tell you,” she implored, “don’t pay attention to what you read in the newspapers, on television, on YouTube. He may have said some things in the 60’s, but that is not who he is anymore.”

At the conclusion of the program, Minister Tony Muhammad opened the doors for new members to join the Nation of Islam, over ten white people in attendance walked down the isles and were given the right hand of fellowship.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist, the author of Paper puzzle and Justice in the Round. He can be contacted at haroldmichaelharvey.com.