Month: November 2015

Black Pastors deny Trump

By Michael November 29, 2015 Off

Republican front runner, Donald Trump has apparently been snubbed by several prominent black pastors. He has been courting their support for several months. In October, we reported that Trump had a meeting with several black Evangelical pastors in Trump Towers back in September. This story was first reported in the  Conservative Tribune. read more

Bernie Sanders on Peachtree Street

By Michael November 24, 2015 Off

There was a chill in the air. Musicians gathered to play their instruments for change. A black entrepreneur hawked Bernie Sanders Tee Shirts and caps. The Communist Revolutionary Party begged for donations to fight abusive police conduct. Another group of activists passed out literature which asked people to remember the one year anniversary of Tamir Rice’s death. read more

Straight Outta Grey Columns

By Michael November 13, 2015 Off

“Straight outta Skegee, a photojournalistic piece by Albert A. Cesare was published in The Montgomery Advertiser this week following his attendance at Tuskegee’s homecoming game against Miles College last weekend. Ceasare, a professional photojournalist, regularly covers football in the south. Last Saturday, his work took him to Alumni Bowl on the historic campus of Tuskegee University, home of the world’s largest tailgating party inside a football stadium. He undoubtedly witnessed a festive event that rivals anything he has seen covering football in the south. read more

World Series-Baseball’s Life Lessons

By Michael November 2, 2015 Off

The Kansas City Royals World Series win in last night’s fall baseball classic taught several valuable life lessons. As often is the case in all sporting events, the outcome of the contest often turns on mistakes made by one side or the other.

Usually these mistakes are of a physical nature and are committed by a player in the contest. For instance, a player may boot a ground ball that should have been caught and turned into an out, or a defensive fielder may make an errant throw that allows the opposing team to gain an advantage that they otherwise would not have had at their disposal. read more