Hip-Hop Prez Raps After Fight

April 18, 2015 Off By Michael

Brian Johnson's Social Media Rant

TUSKEGEE, AL (Cascade Press)

A week after fights broke out in the Chappie James Center during a Young Thug concert, Tuskegee’s hip-hop quoting president, Brain Johnson took to social media to rap a hip-hop ditty: “Hear this again and again and again. All I ever did do, do or will continue to do is win.”

Johnson, married and the father of two children went on to rap: “You’ll see what I’m all about  (see what I’m all about). (If I got to scream and shout it I got to scream and shout). Baby baby (baby) baby (baby) baby baby…”

While the seventh president of the famous Tuskegee University found time to let his hair down on social media, Mrs. Diane Jones was trying desperately to speak with him. She had been stymied twice this week from speaking with Johnson, after she learned her daughter had been severely beaten on the west end of the campus the night of the Young Thug concert.

According to Mrs. Jones, her daughter was attacked by seven female students at Tuskegee. The Tuskegee coeds striped her clothes off and beat her into the ground. Mrs Jones said that one of the attackers was arrested, but the other six were not taken into custody. Her daughter is able to identify the other six women.

“They posted pictures of my daughter on social media and bragged about leaving her on the ground naked and blooding,” Mrs. Jones said.

According to Mrs. Jones her daughter was able to obtain an audio-tape confession from several of the girls and has turned  it over to the authorities.

Last week we reported that there were several fights inside the Young Thug concert and that students heard gunfire after both sides in the fights were led outside the venue.

According to Mrs. Jones several of the girls involved in the attack on her daughter are members of the Tuskegee Women’s Basketball Team.

Last month, during the Southern Intercollegiate Athlete Conference Basketball Tournament, Tuskegee’s female cheerleaders were expelled from the tournament after the first game because they were embroiled in a fight with the cheerleaders from Albany State. The fight made the national sports news and was viewed on a segment of ESPN.

In December, two students were shot at a house party within a mile and a half of the president’s residence.

While President Johnson is frolicking on social media, the Tuskegee campus is becoming an unsafe place for college students to matriculate. Let’s see if Johnson can win the battle against the violence on campus before parents start sending their children to one of the less expensive state supported schools in Alabama.

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