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March 3, 2015 Off By Michael

Harold Michael Harvey beginning interviewed on the Financial Breeze Show

Harold Michael Harvey beginning interviewed on the Financial Breeze Show



Back in January, I had an interview on the Financial Breeze Show. The Financial Breeze Show is part of the Praise House Network. The Financial Breeze Show presented a  free-style interview format. It allowed me to cover a number of issues. We discussed my forthcoming book, Justice in the Round: Essays on the American Jury System, including Ferguson and Staten Island. I thought this interview on the Financial Breeze Show was important, so I wanted to bring it to the readers of my blog.

I was interviewed by Breezy Gipson and Jay Green. I have found both of them to be very sincere and dedicated broadcasters. They are interested in uplifting the community. They tend not to ask questions   for shock value. They raise questions to get at solutions to the problems that confront our community.

We also talked about my novel Paper Puzzle and how it relate to the problems of Ferguson and Staten Island. I really appreciated this question because it helped me to frame Paper Puzzle in a contemporary light. I believe the public will find that discussion very interesting.

Another issue we covered was race in America. We discussed President Barack Obama’s continuous call for an honest discussion on race in America.

Also, Jay Green wanted to know how to bridge the generation gap between Baby Boomers and the Millennials. A rather profound discussion followed. It may be interesting for listeners. We talked about how the elders can help the younger generation in the struggle for human dignity. Also, we discussed the need to pass the baton to young people. In short, it is time for young people to do their thing.

This free flowing interview on the Financial Breeze Show is for all age groups. It should be used as a facilitator for dialogue between the elders and the young. Hopefully, we can bridge the gap and get the two generations working together in order to bring about justice and human dignity for all.


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