Kamala Harris Hammers Bill Barr

May 2, 2019 Off By Michael
Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

Yesterday the nation witnessed the strict prosecutorial style of Senator Kamala Harris (D, California). Harris hammered the top prosecutor in the country, Attorney General William Barr, during Barr’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Harris, one of three candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, wasted little time on Barr’s penchants for pretending he did not understand the meaning of simple words in the English language.

The former San Francisco prosecutor tied Barr’s tongue in a knot several times. Once, getting Barr to admit that he made the critical decision not to prosecute the President of the United States for obstruction of justice without reviewing the evidence.

Harris’ line of questioning points out the fact Barr has no idea what the evidence is for or against an obstruction of justice charge.

Moreover, Barr essentially decided not to pursue obstruction of justice.

 Moreover, Barr essentially decided not to pursue obstruction of justices charges against Donald Trump without making an independent assessment of the evidence uncovered by Special Investigator Robert Mueller.

Barr’s four-page summary of Mueller’s 400-page report states that the evidence in Mueller’s report was not sufficient to support a charge of obstruction of justice.

There is but one way Barr can come to this conclusion and that is by reviewing the evidence in the Mueller report. Since he did not it calls into question the Attorney General’s judgment not to prosecute the President for obstruction of Justice.

At a bare minimum Barr’s justice department owes the American people a careful look at the evidence handed to him by the Special Investigator.

If Harris becomes the next President, her cabinet should be aware to come into cabinet meetings prepared, because Harris’ prosecutorial style will ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the people’s business.

Following her dismantling of the Attorney General’s credibility, Harris called for Barr to resign his post.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist. He is a Contributor at The Hill, SCLC National Magazine, Southern Changes Magazine, Medium, and Black College Nines. Contact him at hmharvey@haroldmichaelharvey.com