Van Jones Calls Out GOP On Civility

March 4, 2016 Off By Michael
Van Jones, CNN Commentator is challenging Donald Trump to tone down the denigrating comments about his opponents in the Republican Primary. Photo Credit: Post News Group

Van Jones, CNN Commentator is challenging Donald Trump to tone down the denigrating comments about his opponents in the Republican Primary for the sake of young children watching the debates.
Photo Credit: Post News Group

Van Jones, a commentator on CNN has had enough of the uncivil discourse in the Republican Presidential Debates. For the past two weeks during his commentary on CNN he has sought to steer media attention towards requiring more civility from the GOP Presidential candidates.

Seemingly, none of the producers at his network are listening. Why should they listen? Ratings are too good with all of the nasty name calling being hurled by the candidates at each other.

However, Van Jones, a political activist, lawyer and father is attempting to mentor his children into a career in public service. Jones developed his interest in public service by watching political news shows with his dad. It is a technique he wishes to use with his own children.

Last night, following the Republican Debate, Jones stated for the umpteenth time, that it is getting increasingly hard to allow his children to watch the GOP debates because of all of the degrading words and imagery flowing out of the candidates mouths like water rolling down the back of the proverbial duck.

Van Jones’ exasperation is showing and spilled over into a tense mini-debate with Jeffrey Lord, a former Ronald Reagan staffer, over Donald Trump’s failure to go far enough in denouncing the support he has received from the KKK.

During the debate season this campaign cycle, the public has gained very little insight into what any Republican administration will look like, other than it will revoke every policy decision and law enacted by President Barack Obama. But how that will improve the country is anybody’s guess. The majority of Republicans do not much care about, what will result from dismantling the Obama policy initiatives. All they care about is that Obama is brought to heel and his presidency repudiated.

The public has learned far more about the Republican candidates prudish and rude views toward sexuality than any American has a need to know about them. The first salvo in the candidates deteriorating diatribes came in the very first debate when Trump evoked imagery about a woman’s menstrual cycle in his fight with Fox News Anchor, Megyn Kelly.

Last week Senator Marco Rubio created imagery which suggested that Trump has a pint size penis. This week, Trump intimated that his penis is actually quite a bit larger than Rubio suspects.

Also this week, Trump all but said that had he requested a “blow job” from Mitt Romney in exchange for his 2012 endorsement of Romney’s quest for the presidency, Romney would have gladly given it to him.

How in the world did the selection of an American president get to this dark place?

Trump’s bombastic retorts are like a  pimple festering in a” country outhouse,” blowing an odious breeze over American public discourse.

Perhaps, it is time that the FCC, follow Van Jones’ suggestions and create new standards on what is acceptable discourse over the airwaves.

If the little boys on center stage can not filter themselves, then the television and radio executives should shield the public from these rude politicians.

It is long past time for network executives to hear Van Jones’ outcry and show some discretion over what they will broadcast over their network.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist, the author of Paper puzzle and Justice in the Round. He can be contacted at