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One More Reason Why USA Can’t Wait Till 2020

By Michael September 2, 2017 Off

The United States of America can not wait until 2020 to select a President to look out for the best interests of the country. This fact became crystal clear to anyone painfully watching the 45th President of the USA in Houston on Saturday.

During this visit, he talked about how beautiful it has been for the country to watch on television the tragic destruction of USA citizens lives. read more

Hurricane Harvey On My Mind

By Michael August 30, 2017 Off

I’ve got Hurricane Harvey on my mind. He is on my mind not so much because this mother of all storms bears my name, but because this is a storm that could have been prevented.

This is a storm like none we have ever seen. It is hard to imagine that Houston and other Texas cities in the path of Hurricane Harvey can come back; and yet we know that the spirit of the American people is unconquerable. Texas will rise up and overcome this flood. read more