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Chuck Asked Me to Pray For Him

By Michael June 13, 2016 Off

My friend, Chuck Hampton asked me to place him on my prayer list last year. The year was just 21 days old. It was early in the morning. I had had my coffee and was running through my Facebook newsfeed as I often do before sitting down to write. I check my newsfeed like some people may check through their mail from the post office. I want to get a glance at what news may have come in over night before getting down to the serious business of writing. read more

Chuck Hampton A Remarkable Friend

By Michael June 10, 2016 Off

Chuck Hampton is my friend. I’ve never embraced him, shook his hands, looked him in the eyes or raised a glass of cheer with him. Nevertheless, his passing over a month ago has left a void inside of me as deeply as if I had sat in his home on a weekly basis enjoying oysters and beer while we bantered about the various political and social issues of the day. read more