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Rules for Active Shooter Crisis

By Michael December 14, 2015 Off

Active Shooter, sadly this term is now part of the lexicon of our century.

Would you know what to do in an active shooter crisis?

What if you were shopping at a mall, an active shooter situation occurs, would you know what to do?

Imagine going into a medical facility for an examination; suddenly an active shooter opens fire to settle a vendetta against that type of medical practice, what thoughts would race through your mind? read more

Black Churches on Fire

By Michael July 1, 2015 Off

Black churches are on fire throughout the south since the white terrorist Daylann Roof fired upon an unarmed group of black church worshippers two weeks ago in Charleston, South Carolina.  Roof said in no uncertain terms that he slaughtered nine black people because he was tired of sitting around listening to his white compatriots talking about a race war and not doing anything to get it started. read more