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My Audition For a Cosby Show

By Michael January 5, 2016 Off

“Hey HMH,” my paralegal said one afternoon in the early 1990s, “Bill Cosby is auditioning for a new  show in our building next week. You should sign up for an audition.”

“Yaa,” my secretary said, “you are always telling us stories every time we mess up something. You would be good for this.” read more

Dear Bill Cosby

By Michael July 16, 2015 Off

Dear Bill Cosby:

I trust this letter finds you in good health and in the best of spirits. I know that things are very difficult for you these days. I am not certain if this letter will find its way to you or if it will be read by anyone, but I felt you could probably use an encouraging word. How could I not offer Bill Cosby an encouraging word after all of the inspiration that you have given me over the years. read more

The Art of BlackLivesMatter

By Michael July 8, 2015 Off

There is an art to BlackLivesMatter. Anyone who has read my new book, Justice in the Round: Essays on the American Jury System, knows that it is dedicated to eight young black men, whose lives were prematurely interrupted either by vigilante justice or at the hands of the police executioner.

Readers are quick to discern that Justice in the Round is a plea for the survival of black millennials and vicariously the survival of black people in America. As a “Baby Boomer,” I get it that this is a new day and the old stratagems do not fit the complexities of 21st century paradigms. read more